3 incredible foods for your beauty

Looking young is the wish of all women. However, we often find expensive tonics, cosmetic treatments... while accidentally "abandon" a way safer and cheaper method: food.

1. Caviar – The black diamonds of beauty

From ancient times, Egyptians, Greeks, and Phoenicians already knew how to catch sturgeon eggs. This fact was depicted brilliantly on a stone painting found near the Sakkara pyramid, dating back to 2400 BC. For Western culture, caviar is synonymous with luxury and wealth, just like owning aircraft, yachts and personal castles.

Caviar is a noble food not only for its rare appearance, but also because it is particularly nutritious and has excellent abilities to enhance health and beauty.


The revival ability of caviar was discovered accidently and interestingly. A French aristocrat, while observing the peasants taking caviar out of the belly of the fish, discovered a costly detail: the faces of these female peasants were rough and full of wrinkles, but their hand skin was very beautiful like young girls’ skin. And she concluded that it was the fish eggs that helped them have such smooth hands.

Later studies proved that her deductive reasoning was correct. Caviar has a great effect on the skin, especially the ability to resist aging due to the abundance source of amino acids, mineral salts, and protein. It can be said that caviar is the embryo of a new life. It is like a mineral and nutritious treasure with sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins D, A, E, F and trace elements. When caviar finds your skin, it will affect the entire function of the skin without causing any side effects.

Today, skin and hair treatments with caviar are gaining popularity among elites and celebrities. Angelina Jolie, Stella McCartney, Kate Moss use caviar to nourish the skin, while Catherine Zeta Jones uses a hair shampoo derived from caviar... Many major cosmetic brands also launched their own line of caviar products.

2. Apples – The guardian of the heart

Scientists have discovered that apples contain epicatechin – the compound that can make strengthen your heart, boost blood circulation, the immune system's functioning, and brain circulation. Epicatechin works to promote the circulation of blood in the body and capillaries under the skin, making the skin healthy, and at the same time protect it against the harmful effects of ultraviolet.


In addition, Epicatechin is effective in normalizing bowel activity, helping eliminate toxins from the internal organs and regain energy for the body after heavy workouts. As a result, the skin is less prone to acne and the aging phenomenon such as wrinkles, gray skin...

According to research by the Quadram Institute, people who regularly drink apple juice often have healthy heart and blood vessels as they used to have 17 years ago. Fresh apples are the most abundant source of epicatechin.

In addition, apples and epicatechin in apples also help maintain the healthy functioning of the internal organs, cardiovascular system and brain, prevent memory loss, boost your self-confidence and help you keep a youthful, attractive style always.

3. Olive oil – The golden liquid


The secret to creating both healthy and lovely beauty as the boys and girls of Italy is olive oil. Since ancient times, the effect of olive oil has been known as the guardian of health. The famous queens of ancient Egyptian history, Cleopatra and Nefertiti, did recognize the wonderful use of olive oil to improve the beauty of the skin in the most natural way.

Olive oil is called "the golden liquid " by its benefits for human health. For women, olive oil is the perfect cosmetic because it is a natural source of antioxidants and vitamin E, which help to release toxins from the body, protect their health. It also boosts the metabolism and blocks the aging process.

By: Dinah Gutierrez

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