10 tasty street foods for a better trip in Tokyo

Here are some street foods you definitely have to try if you have a chance to explore the capital of Japan.



Ikayaki, or grilled squid, is the most popular dish at local fairs or festivals in Japan. These squids are marinated with spices, soy sauce and then grilled with bamboo sticks.



You will Taiyaki literally everywhere in Tokyo, as it is one of the most popular snacks. With sweet red bean inside, these fish-shaped cakes will certainly satisfy your sweet tooth.



Dango is a Japanese dumpling made from rice flour. It is sold at countless convenience stores, but you will only see homemade Dango at fairs or street food festivals.



Takoyaki is a famous dish from Osaka with rounded shape, flour outside and carrots, cabbage, octopus inside. The taste of Takoyaki will vary depending on the recipe and the way of processing. If possible, try the famous Takoyaki of Gindaco.



Colorful and flavourful crepes are the symbol of Harajuku. Coming to Tokyo, you can take a stroll down Takeshita Street to find and enjoy some crepes at the most crowded stalls. This is where the best crepes are made.



Okonomiyaki is a pastry dish made by mixing fresh seafood ingredients and vegetables (mostly cabbage). It is grilled with a metal griddle called Teppan and served with okonomiyaki sauce, mayonaise and katsuobushi (dried, fermented, and smoked skipjack tuna). Depending on the taste of each region, this iconic dish will be processed in different recipes and different styles.



This is the favorite snack of Japanese people in the fall and winter. You may not know that in September every year, Okunitama Shrine will have a Chestnuts festival. This season, you can buy fresh chestnuts right in crowded areas like Senso-ji and Ueno Park.



Kasutera, or Castella Cake, is a light sponge cake with very simple way of processing. The main ingredients of the cake are sugar, egg, flour and sweet syrup, especially honey. Kasutera is probably the kind of cake that is rarely sold because its recipe came from Portugal, not Japan. However, Kasutera is also a tasty cake that helps Japanese street food more diverse.



Unusual parts of the chicken such as heart, liver, gizzard, lungs… are all perfectly matched in Yakitori. Chicken meat and other organs are marinated and then grilled on charcoal, creating a tempting aroma. Yakitori is a common snack in Japanese pubs, but it is also enjoyed as a popular dish in street food festivals.



Crushed ice Kakigori is truly the life -saver of every one in summer. As a cool dessert served right after the main meal, Kakigori includes a cool taste with strawberry syrup, green tea, caramel or chocolate and fresh fruits as toppings. In particular, Kakigori could also be served with special Japanese sticky rice cake and little condensed milk.









By: Olivia Mendoza

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