10 street foods to try once in Bangkok

Prata, Tom Yum Goong and Pad Thai are special street foods, visitors have to try once to have the opportunity to Bangkok, Thailand.


Prata is a simple pancake style with thick milk and chocolate syrup that gives sweet taste and smells of milk. In addition, banana prata is also one of the popular and favorite flavors. Diners can easily find this cake at hundreds of bakeries along the streets of Bangkok.


Tom Yum Goong is one of the typical dishes of the Golden Temple country. In fact, this soup is cooked with all kinds of spices such as citronella, chili, galangal and Thai lemon leaves. The taste is a sour, spicy and sweet combination, which creates a very special seafood soup.


Pad Thai (Thai fried noodles) is a traditional Thai rice noodle dish. Ingredients of this dish include fried rice noodles with eggs, tofu with a bit of red pepper, tamarind, fish sauce and jellyfish. When done, people usually add a little bit of groundnut, fresh or dried shrimp, garlic or shallots. When enjoying, customers can add a little lemon juice to make sour. In addition to the traditional version, the chefs may add some other ingredients to this dish such as bean sprouts, chives, radishes, crabs, squid or chicken.


Grilled squid is one of the delicious dishes when you stroll around the streets of Bangkok. Following the wind, the aroma of fresh squid baked directly on the charcoal attracts diners. In order to add more flavors, Thai people often share this dish with sweet and spicy sauce.


Grilled skewers are popular street food in Southeast Asia. Different countries have the different cooking recipe. In Thailand, where street food has become an integral part of tourism, beef skewers, sausages and barbecued beef make passersby attracted. In Bangkok, you can easily find this dish in grocery stores or street stalls with a variety of skewers.


Grilled glutinous rice cake is one of the dishes that must be tried when visitors come to Bangkok. The cake is sticky inside and crispy on the outside plus a little salt, pepper sprinkled outside will probably bring a new experience for the guests.


With their creation, Thai people have processed mango into many dishes and one of them is mango steamed rice. Fresh mango is with a little sticky rice and milk. You can’t forget to enjoy this dish when you come to Bangkok.


Still a piece of meat wrapped in a powder like dimsum in Hong Kong but kanom jeeb is richer in color with the spicy-salty taste of Thai food. The personality of this dish is quite varied. It can be made from shrimp, shitake mushrooms or chestnuts. When enjoying, we share with hot sauce or fried garlic sauce.


Thailand has a better taste than oysters and it is a hoy tod (also known as the oyster omelette). Sometimes, the fresh oyster is covered with omelette before eating. When enjoying, we share with chili garlic sauce.


One of the indispensable dishes at the food market in Bangkok is seafood. Crabs, scallops, shrimps and squids can be made and sold in packages. If you like, you can pick fresh produce and ask the seller to cook the way you want.

By: Mithrine Smith

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