10 soups that are worth trying when coming to Russia

Soup is one of the most popular and popular dishes in Russia. With simple ingredients, the Russians have created attractive dishes and specific tastes.


Rassolnik soup:

Rassolnik is one of the best Russian soups, including sour cucumbers, vegetables, barley and beef or chicken. The speciality of this soup is always served with sour cream.


Ukha Soup:

Traditional fish soup is one of the oldest dishes in Russia and is usually favored during the summer months. No specific and exact formula, the taste of this dish depends on each person's own taste. In particular, the main raw material is indispensable fish. Common fish used to cook Ukha soup are salmon, cod or sturgeon.


Karelian Fish Soup:

Karelian Cuisine in Russia, featuring dishes made from fish. There are soups, such as the white fish soup called kalakeitto, lohikeitto soup with cream and salmon, which are often served at banquets.


Sorrel Soup:

Sorrel soup is one of the most popular summer dishes in Russia. This soup has the main ingredients are cabbage or sour cabbage. Besides, the unique point to perfect this soup is half the boiled eggs.


Shchi Soup:

This is one of the most popular soups in Russia. Across Russia, there are more than 1,000 different Shchi recipes from ingredients like mushrooms, cabbages, smoked pork ribs, salmons or lentils.


Okroshka Soup:

The Okroshka soup has the same ingredients as Olivier salad with sliced potato, cucumber, carrot and green leafy vegetables. Besides, depending on the taste of each person that it can be added turnips, sausage or boiled chicken. The only difference between the Olivier salad and the Okroshka soup is that the kvas or liquid kefir is poured on the ingredients to create the enticing soup.


Borsch Soup:

This is probably one of the most famous soup in the world. Borsch soup is the main meal of many Slavs: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus. Borsch's main ingredient is sugar beetroot, which gives it flavor, aroma and bright red color, accompanied by a variety of ingredients such as apples, pumpkin, radishes or sweet peppers. Borsch soup recipes vary by geography and there are differences in broths, combinations of different types of meat, and the types of vegetables used.


Cheese Soup:

During the Soviet Union, cheese soup was one of the most popular dishes at breakfast. This soup is made from potatoes, vegetables and Druzba cheese. Today, this dish is still popular in Russia because of its simple formulation and quick preparation time.


Meatball Soup:

Soft, easily melted meat in the mouth is used as the main ingredient for a light, nutritious soup and is served with sour cream.


Milk Soup:

Milk soup with dumplings is Vladimir Lenin's favourite meal. Besides, this is also a favourite food for many children and is usually served in kindergartens.

By: Judith Edwards

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