10 calcium-rich foods for milk-haters

Calcium is a very important mineral for bone development in humans, especially children.

Calcium is a very important mineral for bone development in humans, especially children. Calcium decreases the amount of retardation, rickets, and helps children reach height as adults. 

It also helps adults prevent osteoporosis, difficulty movement and avoid osteoarthritis. Not only that, calcium also involved in many activities of the body such as nervous system, immune system and muscles. 

This mineral accounts for about 1.5% of body weight, of which 99% exists in bones, teeth and nails and only 1% exists in the blood. Every day, our body consumes a significant amount of calcium through sweat glands, hair, nails, urine and feces. However, our body can not produce new calcium but must take the amount of calcium needed from the bone to compensate. 

Experts recommend that adults at the age of 19-64 need at least 700 mg of calcium per day, and supplies are primarily from foods such as milk and dairy products. 

However, not all children like to drink milk. There are many other ways to supplement calcium in your diet. 

No.1. Bean 

The beans are quite cheap and easy to find.

Beans, such as soybeans, green beans and white beans are not only rich in protein, iron and fiber but also an excellent source of calcium, which contain about 175 milligrams of calcium per serving.  

No.2. Orange 


Not many people know, oranges are high in calcium. Just eat an orange you have added to the body over 70 mg of calcium, which is equivalent to 10% of the daily calcium requirement. Apart from calcium, oranges contain lots of vitamins C, A and fiber which are very beneficial for health. 

No.3. Almond 


Every 100 g of almonds contains about 250 mg of calcium, along with B vitamins and many healthy minerals. 

No.4. Sardine 


Sardines don’t only contain B-12, D and Omega-3 fats, but also contain about 350mg of calcium in a small container. 

No.5. Fig 


Fig contains a significant amount of antioxidants and fiber, so eating about 5 fruits a day can give you about 135 mg of calcium. 

No.6. Kale 


Vegetables like kale are extremely low in calories, high in fiber and calcium. Additionally, some green vegetables such as choysum and spinach are also good sources of calcium. 

No.7. Broccoli 


Broccoli is known as a super food. It is not only full of essential nutrients including vitamins A, K and minerals like magnesium, zinc and phosphorus, but it also contains very high levels of calcium and is easily absorbed. 

No.8. Seaweed 


Fish is not the only seafood rich in calcium. Seaweed also contains a lot of minerals, iodine and fiber that can strongly support the development of thyroid function. The seaweed contains 126 mg or 13% calcium. You can use seaweed to process a variety of dishes and soup. 

No.9. Low-fat cheese 


Cheese is one of the foods made from milk that is rich in calcium. Moreover, unlike other dairy products, the cheese has the low sugar content. Cheeses help the body to regenerate from the calcium and phosphorus in the teeth, which helps to strengthen the enamel. Low fat cheese can contain up to 1086 mg or 109% DV of this mineral. 

No.10. Turnip 


Turnip has four times the calcium content of cabbage. Turnip can also contain double the amount of calcium contained in green mustard. One serving of 100 grams turnip turnip contains 190 mg of calcium. 


By: Stephan Swift

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