10 best traditional dishes in Egypt

The majority of the Egyptian population is Muslim so the pork is not included in traditional cuisine. The people mainly eat beef, lamb, seafood and animal organs.

Ful Medames


Ful medames is one of the most famous Egyptian dishes, including fava beans cooked with spices and olive oil. Dried beans are usually cooked overnight, served with eggs and pita bread.

Normally, Ful Medames is used for breakfast, but diners can eat at any time of the day. You will find this dish at the small shops or in the restaurants serving local and Middle Eastern dishes.



Ta'meya is also called Falafel in the Middle East. This is a popular vegetarian dish in Egypt with the main ingredient is peanut flour mixed with a variety of spices, then molded like the shape of small doughnuts and fried until crispy. This dish is sold in small family stores or even sold by vendors at tourist sites.



Mulukhiya is a soup with the main ingredient is chopped coriander, then cooked with garlic, lemon juice, beef, rabbit or chicken for several hours, usually served with white rice or bread. In some areas near the sea, Mulukhiya will consist of fish or shrimp.



In Egypt, Fattah is often served on special occasions such as celebrations and religious festivals. This dish consists of layers of fried bread and rice, topped with vinegar, tomato garlic butter sauce and beef, veal or lamb.



Kushari is a very popular dish in Egypt, available in most restaurants in Cairo. This dish includes rice, pasta, black beans cooked together with tomato sauce, garlic vinegar and peppers.

The most attractive of Kushari is the perfect blend of spices that diners do not eat. This dish is also suitable for vegetarians because the ingredients are all vegetables.

Hamam Mahshi


The pigeons will be stuffed inside with rice and then fried. This is also the most popular dish is popular in Egypt. You can find this at the entrance to Khan El Khalili Market in Cairo and at the eateries.



Hawawshi is best known for its Egyptian food, including beef or lamb puree, stuffed in bread and crispy.

Recipes may vary from person to person. Some chefs can mix with chopped onions, bell peppers, tomatoes and spices, or add chili and pepper.

Liver sandwich


The liver is a common ingredient in many Egyptian dishes. Liver sandwiches are sold on the street and can be homemade at home. The liver is cooked with spicy chili, garlic, onion and sausages in different ways, but definitely has to be eaten with pickles. If at home, everyone will eat with white rice.

Spices are the key to making a delicious liver sandwich, mainly consisting of peppers, cumin, cinnamon, ginger, cloves and cardamom.



In coastal cities like Suez, Portsaid and Alexandria, this dish is usually cooked daily. The main ingredients of sayadeya include fish fillet cooked with rice, onion, seasoning with tomato sauce, and finally baked in a terracotta pot. You will get spicy and soft fish dishes with fried onion and chili.



Kunafah has many other names such as knafeh, kenafeh... but in general, only one type of cheesecake is served with sugar syrup. The Kunafah is also related to many similar kinds of shaped bread in Greece and Turkey.

By: Relly Jonas

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