Wendy Yu - the power woman of Chinese fashion industry

Business woman and investor Wendy Yu has such passionate heart in bridging China with the fashion world.

Wendy Yu comes from a wealthy family in Zhejiang Province, her father is the founder of Mengtian Group - the largest wooden door manufacturer in China with more than 1,000 retail stores nationwide. When Yu was 15 years old, she moved to London to study fashion management at the London College of Fashion.

Many people have called her "Fuerdai" (China's second richest class), but Wendy Yu tried to do everything to stay away from the title.

Wendy Yu next to Anna Wintour. (Photo: jingdaily)

Yu shared that Fuerdai was the title that she herself least wanted to be involved with. (Photo: jingdaily)

She found herself better suited to being called an investor, a philanthropist and a patron of the arts. (Photo: luxuryconversation)

She founded the Yu Holdings Fashion Investment Company in 2015, with the goal of exchanging creativity and culture, enhancing the relationship between China and the world through business, technology, fashion and art.

In April 2018, Yu went to New York to take part in a project by the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The position of museum curator at the Costume Institute of Andrew Bolton was in fact created by Yu.

Wendy Yu at the New York project, alongside Anna Wintour and Andrew Bolton. (Photo: Zach Hilty)

Through the project in New York, Yu will take Bolton to China to share everything from education to architecture and Chinese fashion designers to him.

Not stopping at connecting Bolton to the Chinese market, Wendy Yu also supports business cooperation with British designer Mary Katrantzou. Yu even advises Katrantzou to conquer the Chinese market by introducing her to local consumers. Yu shared with Katrantzou that if she wantd to communicate with the young generation in China, she had to know how to use Chinese social media. The designer did create her own WeChat account and is planning business for her trademark.

Wendy Yu and Mary Katrantzou. (Photo: luxuryconversation)

The next collaborative project announced by Yu herself is with Samantha Cameron, the wife of former British Prime Minister James Cameron. Cameron worked as creative director for the luxury brand Smythson and she also owns her own high-end brand, Cefinn.

Wendy Yu at the Met Gala Dress rehearsal at the Oscar De La Renta (Photo: coveteur)

It can be said that the moment the global fashion industry and high-end fashion are favoring Chinese consumers has partly contributed to the success of Yu and her investment empire. And surely, Yu will not stop. This young, strong, passionate woman will continue to cooperate and create many new campaigns in the future.







By: Dinah Gutierrez

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