Wedding dresses with pockets: Born to selfie?

Gorgeous wedding dresses with pockets to carry personal items are getting hotter and hotter each day.

If you do not want to carry a purse on your wedding day, why not choose a wedding dress with pocket? This new idea is expected to be the fashion trend for weddings today when any bride needs to carry a personal item, such as their smartphone.

It will be great if the brides can easily carry their phones in their wedding dress. The bride and groom will be able to save their best moments in this big day. (Photo:

As brides on wedding day are very busy and can barely carry personal items such as lipstick, phone... wedding dresses with pockets are a new idea that is much supported thanks to its high level of application. Only appeared in 2017 spring wedding collection of a few brands such as Elie Saab, Naeem Khan, Christian Siriano... but now, these comfortable dresses have had a great influence on the global fashion wedding market.

Wedding dresses with pockets usually appear on only fashion shows, but real brides are increasingly interested in this trend because of its usability. Previously, this kind of dress used to be sewn with hard fabric and small waistline to create strong personality for the bride. Today, it has been diversified in various styles, colors and materials.

Designers acknowledge that most current brides are looking for a pocket in their gown and that orders for wedding dresses with pockets have increased dramatically this year. (Photo: Caroline Castigliano)

According to the founder of online site Bridebook - Hamish Shephard, wedding dress with pocket has become the hottest trend today. "The addition of pockets to wedding dresses has gained particular momentum this year and is sure to consider doing so over the next few years," said Shephard.

"From the very top bridal designers to high street bridal lines, we are seeing pockets in wedding dresses being embraced as both a stylish and practical addition," he continued. "Perfect for having your phone to whip out for selfies on the dance floor."

As for Robin Weil, founder and CEO of online site Weddingplanner, wedding gowns with pockets have become more and more popular as they provide comfort to the brides. "We’ve noticed this trend now over the last few seasons," Weil shared. "I think they’re pretty practical and it looks like lots of brides agree, but they’re more useful for having a tissue rather than your phone."

Wedding dresses with elegant, luxurious design and side pockets to make the dress more convenient are the most popular wedding fashion trend today. (Photo:

Stylish wedding dress with lace crop top and pockets inside bring a dynamic yet luxurious appearance for the wearer. (Photo:

Cinderella's gorgeous wedding gown would be even more special with pockets in both sides. (Photo:

From the designs of the leading fashion designers, we can easily see that wedding dresses with pockets have received a warm welcome in recent years. It can be said that modern girls do need something special in their big day. Talking to The Times, Maria Yiannikaris, co-owner of Mirror Mirror Couture shared her thought: "Society has changed and everything’s got a lot more casual."

Many comments on wedding forums have admitted the practicality of this new initiative. This fashion trend makes them feel more comfortable. When it comes to wedding dresses today, it seems that comfort is supreme in the minds of the modern ladies.

Let’s take a look at some of the most loved wedding dresses with pockets these days:
















By: Olivia Mendoza

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