Twiggy - from a supermodel to a fashion legend

Without a standard body like other models, Twiggy still contributed to the face of fashion in the 1960s in the Land of Fog.

Back in the 1960s in the United Kingdom, Swinging London had almost become a trend to represent the culture of youth. History records that the 1960s reflected a liberal, courageous, somehow wild era of the youth, which contributed to bringing a modern wind to Western society.

And one of the iconic fashion stars at that time was Twiggy - who was considered as the very first supermodel in the world.

Twiggy’s somewhat thin body accidentally became her personal attractiveness. (Photo: Getty Images)

Twiggy's real name is Lesley Hornby, but many still affectionately remember her with the name Twiggy because it's a name that represents the face of the lively culture in the 1960s. At the age of 16, Lesley Hornby’s life began to change just after a hairdressing appointment at the House of Leonard in Mayfair. As soon as he saw Lesley Hornby, the famous hairstylist Leonard immediately persuaded her to become his model for a new hairstyle.

However, Twiggy did not realize it was a decision to change her life. Twiggy's 1966 photo soon drew the attention of a London's Daily Express fashion editor, turning a girl with a small body, big eyes, curved lashes and stylish short hair into one of the models that influenced the youth of the time.

Twiggy doll-like face soon drew the attention of a fashion editor from London's Daily Express (Photo: Fashion History)

However, this fashion icon was not only excellent as a model. Twiggy also tried acting and won two Golden Globe Awards (Best Actress and Best New Star of the Year – Actress) for her impressive role in the 1971 movie "The Boy Friend".

Her success even grew much more after Twiggy recorded an album, penned six books, and developed in her way of art with famous plays on the reputable Broadway stage, which contains only amazingly talented and outstanding artists. She even co-starred with theater legend Tommy Tune to conquer the audience in the musical "My One and Only".

Not only successful in acting, she also became a judge for the fifth season of  "America's Next Top Model". Moreover, Twiggy also created success in the fashion market thanks to owning Marks & Spencer, a major British multinational retailer.

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Twiggy poses in a photo for the new product from Marks & Spencer. (Photo: Marks & Spencer)

At the age of 68, without the beauty of youth, Twiggy still retains some of her own charm. Mrs. Hornby now maybe still think about that lively youth sometimes, about the sweet memory of the 1960s when Twiggy the supermodel charmed a whole generation of fashion lovers.

Without the beauty of youth, this lovely woman is still charming and cheerful. (Photo: Shutter Stock)


By: Olivia Mendoza

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