Timeless styles that never get out-of-fashion

Old fashion trends, which seem to have already been “out-of-date”, are still desired by any fashionista with interesting and stylish modifications.


High waisted jeans

This kind of attire has the magic to lengthen the legs and tighten the waists of ladies. Not only are high waisted jeans attractively feminine, but they are also stylishly rough and strong. Since 1990s, high waisted jeans have been uninterruptedly on the list of items that are highly recommended for women.


Ripped jeans

During 1990s, ripped jeans were regarded as a defining fashion style of rockers due to their strong and wild looking. There is one more interesting thing about ripped jeans is that they are all unique as the tears are dissimilar, which totally satisfies fashion lovers’ most basic need. It has been 20 years since the day those modish tears started enchanting the world, but till today, they are usually displayed in most luxurious fashion shows with amazingly unanticipated designers’ creativeness.


Floral dresses

Looking back to American TV shows in 1990s, we can see that girly floral dresses were widely loved by ladies. Nowadays, floral dresses are comparatively more and more up-to-date, and these items are nothing unusual to IT ladies.


Denim jacket

Whenever we see anyone wearing a denim jacket, a feeling of nostalgia comes to our minds. However, it does not mean that this country style has been already out of trend. From the dawn of this style, denim jackets are always ideal choices to mix with other items.


Checked shirts

“Simple is beautiful”, this phrase is absolutely perfect for checked shirts which were vastly worn by students at universities in 1990s. At that time, checked shirts were simply mixed with high waisted jeans. Todays, these items are altered to be more suitable and fashionable.



This is one of few types of clothes that have never been changed as time goes by. Leggings are always seen on streets, and they are one of 10 most dominant trends of all time.


Leather jackets

It is said that bikers cannot live without leather jackets. The black color of the items perfectly expresses what fashion is. Over the last 20 years, these jackets have never got old at international fashion weeks.


Round sunglasses

These accessories’ power was interrupted, but it is coming back to the world of high fashion thanks to the overwhelming diversity in colors as well as in materials.


Crop tops

If you are a fan of Charmed series, you shall not forget Prue, the eldest sister who often appears in sexy crop tops accompanied by stylish high waisted pants. 20 years after the famous series, crop tops are still favourite choices of many celebrities including Kendall Jenner, Gigi and Bella Hadid.

By: Chris Stewart

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