The truth behind luxurious perfumes

Why does the scent of perfumes linger on our body? And how to choose the perfume that suits you the most?

Flowers are the most important natural ingredient

Fresh and clean flowers are one of the most precious ingredients for a perfume. Flowers are very beautiful, feminine, charming, so that each flower can express different emotional scents.

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Some perfumes contain artificial flavorings

Not all perfumes are 100% natural. There are many causes behind this fact, one of which is the cost of expensive natural ingredients. Moreover, it’s not easy to use natural ingredients in creating fragrance. The natural flavor is very tempting, but also very complex, it is difficult to form homogeneous odor formulas. In addition, another cause for the manufacturer to use synthetic ingredients is the problem of environmental protection. They do not use real sandalwood to limit the chopping of trees, and use scent formulas that reproduce the true scent instead.

However, not every fragrance can be synthesized, for example peanut extract or coconut flavor. The more natural the ingredients, the more lightly attractive the perfume. At the same time, strong synergy will create negative feelings after spraying.

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The different between "Perfume", "Eau de Toilette" and "Cologne"

The term Perfume is often used extensively to name different fragrances. But technically, it’s not true. Simply put, Perfume (or Parfum) contains the most aromatic crystals, followed by Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette and finally Eau de Cologne.

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Wood, citrus and vanilla are the most popular flavors

There are two main trends of perfume: seasonal trends and fragrance group trends. Regarding the fragrance group, it seems that the woody, citrus and vanilla groups are the most popular thanks to longer-lasting fragrance. Over the past ten years, fragrances are changing with stronger and sweeter odors. In the summer, the favorite fragrance will be clear and fresh scent, and it’s sweet scent for the spring.

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Different scents on each body

Each person's unique and distinct body odor will change the fragrance of the perfume. This also explains why you feel like the scents of others are different and more attractive, especially the person you love. In addition, food, body temperature and the environment also affect the smell.

The above reasons may also explain the interesting question: why the scent of perfume on your body is different from the sample in the shop. That's why you should try perfume on real skin instead of some paper.

There’s a perfume world out there that makes you confused. So, you to choose a fragrance that suits you? Just like wine, choose a fragrance you want to drink, want to get drunk with it. It is the scent that makes you happy, pleasant as well as the scent to express the most natural emotions inside you.

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By: Olivia Mendoza

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