The iconic polka dots and their history

Have you ever wondered why polka dots always have a certain place in the fashion world for decades?

Feminine and elegant, polka dots have always attracted generations of fashion lovers. There’s no certain season or style for the polka dots, they can show up in many flexible combinations, from formal suits to casual dresses.

However, not many people know about the background of this familiar pattern. First appeared in 1926, Miss United States became the first to promote the application of polka dots in fashion with a polka-dotted swimwear. Was truly inspired, in 1928, Walt Disney introduced the iconic character Minnie Mouse and the in a polka-dotted skirt. With the influence of the film, this cute motif quickly became a symbol of popular culture and a fashion trend throughout the 30s and 40s.

Miss United States was the first to wear the polka dots in front of the media in 1926. (Photo: Pinterest)

Minnie Mouse made polka dots an integral part of American and world’s popular culture. (Photo: Pinterest)

However, polka dots would not be such elegant symbol of fashion without the hand of legendary designer Christian Dior, who brought them to a new height in his New Look collection.

In 1954, Dior's black haute couture dress with white polka dots took the fashion by storm. The dress quickly became the most expensive item in the collection, paving the way for a trendy collection of polka dots. Many A-listers like Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe especially loved this pattern.

The black and white couture haute dress with polka dots was one of Christian Dior's most expensive designs. (Photo: Pinterest)

In 1951, Marilyn Monroe's daring picture with a polka-dotted bikini became a hit in popular culture, which later became the inspiration for Brian Hyland's iconic song Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini.

Elizabeth Taylor dressed in a polka dot dress on the set. (Photo: Pinterest)

Elizabeth Taylor was one of the polka dots’ most inspiring enthusiasts. (Photo: Pinterest)

Marilyn Monroe with attractive appearance in a polka-dotted dress. (Photo: Pinterest

Marilyn Monroe's daring image with a polka dot bikini in 1956. (Photo: Getty Image)

The attraction of these dots was not limited in women only. In 1962, DC Comics introduced the Polka-Dot Man. With colorful polka dot outfit, Polka-Dot Man uses the power of dots against Batman and Robin.

The Polka-Dot Man in colorful polka dot outfit. (Photo: DC Comics)

Hidden underneath each dot is a weapon that helps the Polka-Dot Man fight against Batman and Robin. (Photo: Blogspot)

The 1960s also welcomed the new look of polka dots. Supermodel Twiggy turned these once elegant dots into something fierce, mysterious and rebellious. (Photo: Oldbike)

This design has left its mark in many decades of fashion. In the 70's, polka dot was a part of the wild bohemian style. But by the 80s, these dots became a popular fashion item with offices and later, it was a retro highlight in the 90s and 2000s.

Fashion icon Princess Diana also loved polka dots. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Up to the 21st century, the polka dots are still spread in the waves of fashion. The design always brings balance and inspiration to fashion lovers in countless items and styles.

In modern fashion, polka dots are still popular among fashionistas. (Photo:  Pinterest)

By: Olivia Mendoza

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