The fashion world is witnessing a very stylish Winter Olympics

From team uniforms to competition costumes or commentator’s style… Is the 2018 Winter Olympics a nonprofessional fashion event?

1. Team uniforms


Standing behind the simple yet elegant design of the French team is the famous Lacoste brand. Each of these designs expresses the subtle and delicate flavor of the European fashion capital.

Classic oversize jackets in cool blue tones contrast with eye-catching red layer. (Photo: Lacoste)

Warm white jackets with modern red and blue lines. (Photo: Lacoste)

Wisely using the flag’s colors blue, white and red, Lacoste puts on the athletes not just a polo shirt but also a very stylish pride. (Photo: Lacoste)


Hudson's Bay on behalf of the country sends national pride in such burning outfits with red shades combined by black and white. Unlike the high fashion of the French team, the Canadian team is strong, modern in street style.

The word "Canada" is printed in every design. (Photo:

Modern and comfortable sporty style. (Photo: Washingtonpost)

A complete collection includes many items from the Canadian national team. (Photo:


The two American iconic brands, Ralph Lauren and Nike, have created an amusing ambitious American style. The look is not everything here. These designs also combine with state-of-the-art technology, which includes an air-conditioning equipment that keeps wearers warm for up to 11 hours.

Wool, iconic stripes, dark denim, leather boots and woolen hats... – Ralph Lauren icons are subtly integrated in the designs. (Photo: Getty)

The high-tech fashion by the United States. (Photo: Goodhousekeeping)

The team's uniforms bring aesthetic inspiration from the 90s or 80s. (Photo: Forbes)


After all, it seems that Russia is the country with the best team uniforms. Even with only neutral gray color and red highlights, the moment the athletes walking together on the ice is enough to create the most unforgettable fashion scene in the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Simple but attractive design of Russian athletes. (Photo: Tass)

Zaport is the soul that creates such trendy sporty look while following the strict requirements of the Russian sports association. (Photo: The Sport Digest)

However, the super cool slogan "I do not do doping" seems to be the real star here. (Photo: Sportfeed)

2. Competition costumes

Figure skating is not only a sport with complex movements but also a combination of skill and flexibility that requires high levels of difficulty. Fashion is also highly appreciated in figure skating, because if you say the dance moves are the soul, then the costume is the best cover.

So, it is no surprise that figure skating has always been regarded as the "fashion center" of Winter Olympics.

Crystal designs are still favored thanks to excellent light effects. (Photo: Usmagazine)

Especially white gems on black background. (Photo: Usmagazine)

The combination of diverse materials is also proving its power on the ice. (Photo: Usmagazine)

Jumpsuit is a new and extremely successful variation of modern skating wear. (Photo: Goodhousekeeping)

While knee-length dresses are the favorite choice of many pairs… (Photo: Usmagazine)

…besides the perfect sync. (Photo: Usmagazine)

3. Commentator

Not a participant in the competition, but the former skater and 2018 Olympics commentator Johnny Weir still proves to be one of the most fashionable men in the world by bringing 13 suitcases to Korea.

From personal hairstyles, perfect make-up, eye-catching accessories to meticulously chosen dresses, Weir's improvised style has become a breakthrough for this winter event.

Lorenzo's pants, Hermes boots, Ericson Beamon's jeweleries, and Miharayasuhiro's belt, Weir has never been a stingy man for fashion. (Photo: @Johnny Weir)

This time, with Biyan's jacket and Rodarte's shoes, Weir turns to a fancy and unique look. (Photo: @Johnny Weir)

By: Roxana Edwards

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