The elephant-shaped bag and special meaning behind each design

The limited elephant bags of Loewe are dedicated to supporting elephant conservation against illegal hunting.

Elephant Crisis Fund estimates that about 20% to 30% of elephants in the world have disappeared due to the increase in poaching since 2009. To support Knot On My Planet’s elephant conservation project, Loewe has launched a limited edition collection of elephant bags called “Tan Elephant Mini Bags”. These are hand-made designs decorated with beads created by Samburu women from northern Kenya.

A hand-made elephant-shaped bag decorated with beads by Samburu female artisans. (Photo: Loewe)

Loewe's creative director, Jonathan Anderson, was interested in preserving elephants after seeing the activities of Knot On My Planet. Throughout the campaign, Anderson learned about the negative impact of the ivory crisis on ecosystems in Africa and Asia. Later on, Jonathan Anderson was introduced to the Samburu community and gained a better understanding of the culture there.

Loewe also shared this collection and the campaign to protect elephants on the brand's Instagram. “The house´s signature bag has been adorned with handcrafted beadwork by women from the Samburu Trust in northern Kenya, who live among the elephants and are renowned for their skilled craftsmanship with brightly coloured beads. #LOEWE will donate all proceeds of sales to the @elephantcrisisfund, which aims to stop the killing of elephants, prevent trafficking and end the demand for ivory.”

Loewe went to Kenya and worked with women at the Samburu workshop to gain a better understanding of their unique bead handmade art, which was born in a catastrophic drought 15 years ago. Since then, it has become the main work of the women in this community to earn extra income for their family.


All the decorating details are totally hand-made by Samburu women in Kenya. (Photo: Loewe)

The Samburu of northern Kenya are longtime supporters of Save The Elephants, UK registered charity based in Kenya. They also work closely with conservationists and researchers to protect endangered creatures. Loewe has collaborated with Samburu female artists to combine traditional handcrafted artwork and elephant bags made under the name of the famous Spanish brand.

The Knot On My Planet campaign is a collaboration of celebrities, influencers and brands, aiming at raising funds for initiatives to stop poaching and ivory trade. Many models and celebrities have shown their support for the elephant bags with this meaningful message, including the supermodel Gisele Bündchen, the angels Behati Prinsloo and Karlie Kloss – who all shared some lovely images with the elephant bag on their Instagram.

"How cute is the elephant bag with beadwork made by Samburu women in Kenya!? I am happy to support @Doutzen in this important mission to protect the elephants. 100% of proceeds will be donated to the Elephant Crisis Fund, with the goal to end the slaughter of elephants for their ivory." - Gisele Bündchen

"So happy to be supporting the #KnotOnMyPlanet campaign with my new @LOEWE Elephant bag made in collaboration with women from the Samburu Workshop. #LOEWE" - Behati Prinsloo

"For the love of elephants ❤ this beautiful bag supports @elephantcrisisfund. Love you @doutzen and the incredible hard work you put into this! #knotonmyplanet" - Karlie Kloss

By: Quinn Abrams

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