Tennis fashion is miraculously catching up with streetwear

The latest collaboration between Serena Williams and the Nike proves that tennis fashion will have a remarkable year.

Tennis fashion is getting hotter than ever

This week, Serena Williams has unveiled the "Queen" fashion collection by Off-White Designer and Louis Vuitton's Creative Director Virgil Abloh at the 50th US Open in New York.

Serena Williams is known for her stylish sports fashion sense. So, both sports fans and fashionistas expect a lot in "Queen". The erena Williams x Virgil Abloh x Nike collection consists of two dresses with Nike logo and Abloh’s iconic image – the word "logo" printed on the left chest, leather jacket for outdoor activities and 3 pairs of The Nike Court Flare 2 sneakers designed specifically for Serena Williams.

The design has shown off her feminine beauty and agility.

3 pairs of sneakers in the collection were designed specifically for the tennis star.

In addition, the fact that Roger Federer competed in Uniqlo's attire has confirmed rumors of him being a global ambassador for this brand, officially ending the deal for more than two decades with Nike. The $300-million 10-year agreement of the Swiss tennis champion with the Japanese fashion retailer not only gives Federer the opportunity to work with creative director Christophe Lemaire but also helps him take part in the production of "LifeWear" collection.

"I really wanted to make the best apparel, the best-looking apparel for a tennis player in recent years. I want to re-do that, and recreate the coolest things with Uniqlo," said the sports star.

Uniqlo's simple design carries Roger Federer’s classic, sophisticated style.

"I think sometimes tennis has lost its way to just performance," he continued. "The tennis shoes we wear are almost not wearable on the street because they are so aggressive. I think it's the same thing that happened with the prints, and everything going on on the court. I try to bring simplicity and craftsmanship and beauty back onto the tennis court."

How tennis outfits inspires fashion?

The rise of demand for tennis fashion has gone far beyond expectations. According to a new report from Lyst, fashion searches including the word "tennis" have increased 59% over last year. In addition, the global fashion search platform has earned 3,200 tennis-related results, an increase of 15% compared to the previous year.

This "noble sport" is becoming more diverse and accessible to the fashion industry. The launch of Outdoor Voices' tennis fashion collection in June has demonstrated its goal of connecting people with tennis.

Creative director Alexa Silva got inspiration from the uniforms of tennis teams. According to the designer, tennis players in the same team needed a strong connection, which requires not only the skills but also the ideals, and even the style of dresses.

The 3D image depicts Outdoor Voices' fashion collection.

Tennis is bringing nostalgic, classic inspiration for luxury brands by elegance and class. Fila is attracting tennis players and fans by partnering with Leo Borg (son of Swedish tennis legend Björn Borg) to launch a new collection featuring Björn Borg.

According to Jennifer Estabrook, Fila's Chief Operating Officer in North America, the brand really hopes for the success of the collection through its special meaning about the Swedish tennis legend."Björn really made the brand famous, and he was a style icon in the early '70s," said Estabrook. "It just seemed to make sense as a logical next step to sign Leo."

Leo Borg and his legendary father Björn Borg dressed in Fila' design.

The attraction of tennis fashion has been quickly concerned. Indeed, at this year's Wimbledon, Alexa Chung, Stella McCartney, Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton all had outstanding fashion style featured in the prestigious row.

The fashion wave in this sport also spread its influence to affordable brands, such as Forever 21. In early August this year, the label has brought its collection in collaboration with Wilson to Gen Z. The collection has classic designs that include jackets, matching outfits, crop tops and tennis skirts, which are all lovely and suitable for sporty girls.

Tennis fashion in Forever 21 x Wilson collection is classic but still very cute and trendy.

By: Quinn Abrams

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