Summer’s coming: Celebrities’ solid color battle begins

The summer battle over fabulous dresses among Hollywood ladies has broken out. Those attractive weapons have one thing in common, the delicate simplicity.


The 20-year-old supermodel Bella Hadid brings in a fresh air to the world of fashion with a retro dress. The outfit in flamboyant pink with a large-size belt recalls the sense of 1980s’ style. Furthermore, the flare sleeves make her curiously gorgeous, and the shoulder pads also give her an attractively firmer look.


At 2017 CFDA Fashion Awards, “Australian swan” Nicole Kidman picked a simple black velvet strapless gown. The outfit is not too tight that helps her look more comfortable. Moreover, the slanting lace on the bottom heightens the gown’s luxury and femininity.


Attending an event in New York at the end of last week, Selena Gomez drew everyone’s attention with her continuously changing street-life style. She shocked the people at the event by displaying 06 different costumes. The earthy orange thigh slit gown received lots of compliments. Not only the silhouette but also the unique color makes the dress perfectly harmonize with Selena’s honeyed complexion.


Young supermodel Hailey Baldwin looks sweetly elegant and captivating in the white form-fitting dress with sexy slits. The attire is highlighted with adorable brownish pink feather clutch and shoes.


Hardly does Gigi Hadid disappear from the list of well-dressed celebrities. Accompanying her close friend Hailey and her younger sister Bella, Gigi Hadid surprised everyone when she chose to wear a discreet gown. Her gorgeous body is hidden beneath the loose silk maxi dress and a ton-sur-ton long manteaux.


Miss World 2000 Priyanka Chopra presents elegantly in a jet black dress. The leather dress, the butterfly tie, those black boots and the dark moss green coat make her look rather heavy. However, this is still a good choice of clothes anyway.


Vanessa Hudgens is tremendously sweet and girly in her pink nude satin maxi dress. Three large butterfly ties make her enchantingly stand out from the crowd.


In the neon yellow veil maxi dress, Blake Lively looks fabulously shiny on the red carpet. The color which brings brimful sense of summer companied by the jewel-toned earrings place her on the list of most fashionable celebrities this week.


At recent Cannes Film Festival, Bella Hadid captivated everyone’s sight with her sparkling shoulder strap dress. She definitely found the way to harmonize the thigh slit with her gladiator heels.


In her plain white oversize coat, Rihanna is still rebellious and unique as she always be. The V-shaped neckline goes together with the large belt prevents the singer of Diamond from being inconveniently wrapped by her oversized outfit.


Pursuing elegant look, Jennifer Lopez often chooses light and exquisite designs. Her style is highly appreciated when she is wearing bright red lipstick, supported by an aglow dress and a graceful powder pink pair of shoes.

By: Chris Stewart

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