See Now Buy Now - A temporary trend of fashion?

See Now Buy Now has changed the traditional operation of high fashion industry while allowing shorter delivery process.

A game for the giants

Industry high fashion, since its early days has always operated under the standards includes 5 important phases: Design - Introduction - calculate the number of orders - production - distribution. This process typically lasts six months to prepare for the full supply chain, manufacturing and distribution.

With approach See Now, Buy Now, customers have the opportunity to own new products right after the launch. So traditional processes need to change to match the new operating mode. Maintaining the standard step, however operating methods need to change in order: design - the estimated number of orders - production - distribution - introduced.


In view of the scale, in addition to strong financial capabilities required to maintain the production apparatus through the calculation of the approximate number of orders, approaches See Now, Buy Now requires a distribution network extensive coordination on a global scale to reach customers in many countries.

Go through the list of the fad test methods See Now, Buy Now, common noticeable, considering the level of brand recognition, are all strong brands. Either form of direct distribution through genuine stores (flagship), or indirectly through distribution channels are multi-brand outlets or run by local distributors, the number of shops is a factor important to help reach customers.


Starting the See Now, Buy Now war, Burberry had to consider very carefully before making strategic decisions after 7 years of testing. Burberry each applicable business model, forerunner of business methods See Now, Buy Now in 2009, allowing the designs to order as soon as the show ended and the order will be shipped after the 12- 18 weeks to clients.

No inherited the valuable experience, the rookie in this business methods such as Tom Ford, Tommy Hilfiger still meet the necessary and sufficient elements to pursue this business model with systems exist in some stores nation. Clearly, the transformation of traditional business methods to model See Now, Buy Now is not the test of the brand for small and medium scale.



Going against nature

In terms of nature, the game See Now, Buy Now goes against the values of the high fashion industry funding promoting "quality" over "quantity". Contrary to traditional ways of doing business, new business models do not get the advantage of 6-month period to enable the customer with a broad marketing activities at the time of launch, the center and delivered on time shop system.


Instead, the entire collection available in stores, consumers will quickly fall prey to "the cravings quickly bored". Crowd psychology will only formed around the time before and after the collection was launched.


Temporary solution is given as the capsule collection serves to fill the gap between the two points separated the main BST year launched in March and May 9. However, this is not optimal due to initiatives BST capsule will spend an additional significant budget includes cost of production, distribution and marketing activities.

In addition, the presence of the capsule collection goes against nature promote "quality" over "quantity" have also been many other fashion houses like Gucci, Bottega Veneta selected as the solution for men and women combined BST, a dynamic Status merge expressed determination creative direction.

By: Iris Shailene

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