San Francisco to ban fur throughout the city

After some fashion brands pioneered animal protection by officially removing fur from their products, the city of San Francisco also made official moves.

Recently, San Francisco has become the very first city in the United States to announce a ban on fur-based products throughout the city. This statement is seen as a strong move for the fashion industry, as well as the protection of animals.

Fur clothes without luxurious, fashionable beauty used to be promoted in the autumn – winter by many huge names in the fashion industry. They are also the favorite items of many celebs.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors has issued a ban on businesses selling new products of furry origin (including mammals, wolves, weasels, and all fur animals) in the city. This ban will take effect from next year (1st January 2019), not applicable to the old products and sheepskins. For old items that are still in stock, all retailers must complete handling by 2020.

According to American elected official Katy Tang, the sale of fur products in San Francisco is unsuitable for the character of the city, and raised animals are not worthy of being treated inhumanely.

The new law has received strong support from many of the world's top fashion brands such as Stella McCartney, Gucci or Michael Kors. However, according to a report, several retailers are even considering opening smaller stores outside the city to sell prohibited items.

The Chongfu Town in Zhejiang, China is considered to be the world’s largest fur market. The total amount of here is about one fifth of the world's fur production. This small place is the leading source of fur for major fashion brands.

The Humane Society International (HSI) has supported the newest decision of the San Francisco city government, saying it would help protect animals and influence the habits of consumers. According to HSI, two other California cities, West Hollywood and Berkeley, have also issued the same ban.

Versace has followed the footsteps of Gucci and Michael Kors, quitting the "game" of using animal fur.

The Hollywood Reporter estimates that 50 retailers of clothing and accessories will be negatively affected by the law, equivalent to about $ 40 million a year.

There are more and more luxurious brands that use other material instead of real fur such as Versace, Tom Ford, Michael Kors, Gucci and Furla. However, some other big fashion houses like Karl Lagerfeld, Saint Laurent, Fendi and Dior have not intended to stop the use of fur in their collections. Here is the recently announced list of brands that have stopped using fur:

- Armani

- Bottega Veneta

- Calvin Klein

- Gucci

- Hugo Boss

- Kate Spade

- Jimmy Choo

- Lacoste

- Michael Kors

- Net-A-Porter

- Ralph Lauren

- Shrimps

- Stella McCartney

- Tommy Hilfiger

- Versace

- Vivienne Westwood

By: Lily Haney

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