Remarkable street styles at Milan Fall-Winter 2018

Let's take a look at the most prominent street fashion styles from the Milan Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2018.

Milan Fashion Week is bustling with striking collections from the top brands of Italy. Creative director Alessandro Michele of Gucci surprises fashionistas with a stunning collection that still has his bold style, but combines with adventurous accessories that only Alessandro's creative insights dare to expand and put them on the catwalk.

This year, Fendi has another successful show under the smooth leadership of creative director Karl Lagerfeld, with delicate, luxurious design for the office ladies. In particular, the combination of Fendi and young artist REILLY in using the logo incorporated from the Fendi logo and Fila logo also draws attention on the stage.

A stylish fashionista in Gucci outfit.

According to theLyst’s statistics, in 2017, the T-shirt with logo of Gucci is one of the best-selling fashion items.

Many supporters of the Gucci brand flock to Milan Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2018.

Gucci's belt bag has not cooled down even though the trend started last year.

Clothes can be from other brands... but accessories must be Gucci!

A fashionista expresses her admiration and support for the longtime brand, with Gucci items from head to toe.

A confident fashionista dresses up in a Gucci-style bomber jacket, but this time the bomber comes from... Guccy.

An outstanding Fendi handbag on the Milan street.

Fendi fashion appears everywhere in the streets of Milan.

There is no denying about the prominence of fashionistas wearing Fendi designs.

Fashion house Dolce and Gabbana is no less unproductive when using unmanned aerial vehicles to introduce the latest bag designs, instead of letting their models showing them off as the boring usual. Meanwhile, Versace thrills everyone with colorful designs and generous patterns that remind viewer of their heyday in the 1990s.

Besides the vibrant atmosphere, the sum of the nuances and different styles of the fashion houses have contributed to influence the creative work in the way of styling of the fashion followers.

Former Vogue Italian editor / co-creative director of Vogue Japan- Anna Dello Russo in a long leopard print coat.

Leopard print is loved by many fashionistas.

There are fashion followers who choose Monochrome style to pursue, in order to convey their consistent spirit and brave aesthetic.

A greenery appearance with eye-catching sweat blazer as highlight.

Ultra violet is the main color of this year according to the publication of Pantone Color Institute.

A fashionista in pink suit. Not everyone can master this striking hot tune.

The rare appearance of a fashionista dressing in pure black at the Milan Fashion Week.

In addition, the optimism, openness of the Italian people also bring glamor in their creative styling through the use of contrasting motifs.

A cheerful lady dressing in baby pink and greenery.

These patterns are intertwined and differentiated, but the overall tone also helps merger everything together.

Colorful palettes and motifs, linked together by eye-catching yellow tone.

Black-and-white stripes give viewers eye-catching effect with colorful long skirt.

By: Dinah Gutierrez

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