Polka dot to dethrone floral pattern this summer?

Perhaps the flower fever will soften in this summer fashion season, replaced by a classic and equally feminine pattern: the polka dot.

Maybe you fashionistas should upgrade your wardrobe, right away since floral patterns will seem to be temporarily weak this year and give way to a classic trend: the polka dot.

Normally, during every spring- summer season, the lively floral motifs will appear literally everywhere, from the fabulous runways to the chains of high-end shops or dynamic street style. There was also no opponent that is powerful enough to overthrow the monopoly of this pattern, until today, with the fever called “polka dot”.

Polka dot is a classic pattern that goes through many stages of fashion, but will never be outdated. This year, once again, these stylish dots are transforming the loop of fashion.

Starting from the iconic image of Walt Disney's Minnie and Mickey, polka dot got a breathtaking jump to fashion. Right when it was compromised in the runway designs of well-known brands such as Balenciaga, Dior and Valentino, the fashion industry did predict its incredible appeal before the pattern became one of the most powerful “fashion viruses”.

Not only the street fashionistas, the stylish "Instagramers" worldwide are also catching up the trend and creating inspirational fashion moments.

The dots are already familiar every fashionista, but not everyone knows how to put on the polka dots in a trendy way. If you have not yet identified the beauty secrets with polka dots, we will have you to sum up the chic and effective fashion tips as shown below:

Wide-cut pants are no doubt the tempting items of the recent fashion season. And they will get even better with polka dots, classic but no less sophisticated.

Midi skirts, pleated skirts or multi-layered skirts provide a sweet, lyrical and nostalgic retro style.

The large prints will give you a bit more elegance, no matter if it is a dress or a long skirt.

But if you are a modern girl, do not be afraid to try out the fashionable designs of women's vest or miniskirt.

In addition, to create a highlight for your polka dot outfits, you can add some subtle visual effects such as color contrast or different dot sizes.

Using bright-colored accessories is also a very worthwhile trick.

From transparent lace to soft velvet and warm wool... the girls can comfortably express their personality with a variety of materials...

…or colors.

And do not forget to stay creative with stylish motifs such as stripes, animal prints, checked pattern, flowers... These subtle combinations have different effects, but they are all successful in showing off your characters and fashion senses.



By: Vivian Cooper

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