Pencil skirt - How to wear it right

Pencil skirt can be combined in so many diverse styles. But you have to make a wise choice to get the most out of it.

1. Pencil skirt + Shirt


Pencil skirt can be combined in so many diverse styles, not just for office workers. But look, nothing is more pleasant than a pencil skirt with a basic, simple shirt. Surely this combination will make you shine all day, no matter how busy your work is.


2. Don't afraid to be standout


A leather jacket hanging on your shoulders, some metallic accessories, seasonal highlight color, or even a daring slit will make your appearance become extremely cool.


3. Pencil skirt + Croptop


Even when it's getting colder, crop-top is still as hot as ever. Combining with a pencil skirt will give you a liberal and extremely dynamic look. A little note for this style is to choose minimalism or the same color for 2 items.


4. Sneakers


Don't ever think that something feminine like pencil skirt can not come with healthy sporty sneakers. This contrast not only gives you an exciting experience, but also helps you ignore the pain in your feet because of high heels.


5. Belt


No matter what size or color it is, a belt will still be the highlight of your outfit that reduces boredom when combined with pencil skirt. And it's even better if you have a handbag, or a pair of matchy-matchy shoes.


Here are 7 suggestion for a fabulous week with pencil skirt:




1. H & M sweater

2. H & M pencil skirt

3. Zara scarf

4. Mango necklace

5. Mango earrings

6. H & M bags

7. FCUK watch

8. FCUK shoes 




1. Zara sweater

2. H & M pencil skirt

3. Aldo sunglasses

4. Mango scarf

5. Accessories bracelet

6. Zara earrings

7. Zara bag

8. FCUK shoes




1. H & M jackets

2. FCUK T-shirt

3. FCUK pencil skirt

4. H & M cap

5. Casio watch

6. Topshop bracelet

7. Zara bag

8. Charles & Keith slippers




1. Zara hat

2. Mango sweater

3. H & M pencil skirt

4. Zara choker

5. FCUK sunglasses

6. Zara necklace

7. Mango bag

8. Charles & Keith shoes




1. Topshop croptop

2. Zara coat

3. FCUK pencil skirt

4. Charles & Keith earrings

5. H & M ring

6. H & M watch

7. Charles & Keith bag

8. Aldo shoes




1. Topshop sweater

2. H & M earrings

3. FCUK pencil skirt

4. Charles & Keith necklace

5. Charles & Keith rings

6. FCUK clutch

7. Shoes Jimmy Choo high heels




1. FCUK coat

2. Zara pencil skirt

3. H & M top

4. Charles & Keith earrings

5. Zara chokers 

6. FCUK watche

7. SBEBR handbag

8. H & M sneakers

By: Dinah Longoria

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