Must-have items of 30-year-old ladies

Whereas 20 is the age of expressing their personality without being afraid of trying different styles, ladies at the age of 30 gradually stabilize their personal styles...



The era of liberal low-rise jeans has been over for a long time, at the age of 30, ladies' body also changes, especially the abdominal skin. Daring low-rise jeans should be replaced by fit boyfriend jeans showing wearers' dynamic and personality.


High-rise pants are indispensable items in the 30-year-old ladies' wardrobe because its modernity and profession. Mixing these pants with blouses makes the most ideal set.


Camisoles will replace cute little strappy shirts that you used to put on at the age of 20. At the age of 30, strappy shirts become "childish" and unsuitable for the image of adult women.


Pencil skirts are also must-have things for ladies at the age of 30, which replace short mini skirts showing of their slim legs.This genre of skirt still helps wearers flatter their figure and create their politeness. There are many choices for pencil skirts despite their colours, materials, pattern and coordination.


If not being a fan of pencil skirts, 30-year-old ladies can put on other kinds of skirts. However, this isn't for purposes of becoming sexy, daring and flippant like female students, but the charm of midi skirts instead. At this time, A-letter shape, asymmetry, puckered details , embroidered fabrics, courteous colors and sophisticated patterns are the perfect choice.


Blazer is also a basic stuff that ladies should have to express their elagence and youth. Choose qualified blazers with simple styles to easily mix with pants and skirts. They will be with you until your 40-year-old threshold. 


There has not been much time left for parties of the 20 and they are replaced by important events such as wedding, company's party. Sexy short dresses is no longer suitable now. The new choice is the dresses with simple styles and skillful colors and patterns. If they still love sexiness, 30-year-old ladies may still be sexy with cleverly adjusted cocktail dresses which is partly open shoulder and back.


Ladies should lay by their colorful flippant-and-odd-pattern sockpants and then buy long self-color socks (often black). If they are thin transparent socks, the patterns should be small round dots.


Leather jackets, skirts and pants create wearers' fashion and personality. Ladies at the age of 30 should have these stuff to refresh themselves.


T-shirts with basic shapes are for all ages and the differences are colors and patterns. At the age of 30, it is expected that ladies should be mature in the way they wear clothes in stead of showing flippancy. You can put on graphic T-shirts instead of pet T-shirts.

By: christina roses

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