New York Fashion Week: TSE - elegant, gracious

TSE's Spring-Summer collection is inspired by Japanese Zen gardens.

Founded in 1989 by Augustine Tse, TSE is fashion pioneer in handling cashmere to create leading products.

TSE is known by the simple but luxurious designs, which are created carefully in every detail. Since Tina Lutz became the creative director of TSE in 2012, TSE has gone towards minimalist style with classic fashion lines, and luxurious fabric is the main focus.


TSE's Spring-Summer collection is inspired by Japanese Zen gardens. The brand's designers have brought a sense of peace among the chaos of change and technological race to New York Fashion Week.


Keeping their familiar fabulous minimalist style,  TSE's Spring-Summer collection is opened by an elegant white dress with large buttons. The monochrome design is still the focal point for the collection of TSE.


The opening design of TSE



The large buttons are a highlight of the collection


Japanese garden inspiration is expressed subtly though suggestive motifs like the pebbles, the gentle wood grains or soft, kimono-like coats with hanging obi belt.


Pebble-shaped motifs



A design with subtle stripes like wood grain lines



A coat looking like with loose belt, creating a sense of freedom for the design of TSE



Fashionistas can clearly see the Japanese fashion inspiration in TSE's collection at the New York Fashion Week this time


Designs of TSE use textile materials with high elasticity, not only create softness but also increase ventilation for their spring-summer fashion.


Minimalism, but perfection in every detail does create exquisite and luxurious designs



Simple but yet elegant



By: Dinah Longoria

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