Naomi Campbell to retire from catwalk?

Getting through the ups and downs of more than 30 years dedicating to modeling, the 48-year-old Naomi Campbell is still a powerful name of the fashion world.

Following the success of the fashion show "Fashion for Relief" at the 71st Cannes Film Festival, the fashion world is inflamed by rumors that supermodel Naomi Campbell will leave the catwalk.

Naomi Campbell was chosen to be in charge of "Fashion for Relief" thanks to more than 30 years of experience in the profession. She owns not only professional catwalk skills but also humanitarian efforts for the society. Since its inception in 2005, the program has raised millions of dollars for volunteer organizations such as the relief funds for the Haiti earthquake and the Ebola crisis.

This year, the theme of the event was Race to Equality, so "Fashion for Relief" decided to focus on raising funds for Times Up's legal fund and Save the Children's charity fund. Talking about this them, Campbell shared that in her opinion, equality meant being treated in equal and fair ways regardless of where you were in the world.

Recently, on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival, she wore the characteristic shirt of "Fashion for Relief".

Despite standing at the peak of her career with all these great achievements that Naomi has contributed to the job but it seems like the "Black Panther" is about to leave this luxury world, which is also full of pressure. According to The Evening Standard, Campbell revealed: "I don’t know if I can walk much longer, it’s been 32 years. I’d love for it to be carried on by the younger generation and for me to sit in the audience and watch. "

This is probably a complete opposite of her 2015 interview with Nick Knight. Accordingly, Naomi confirmed that she will not give up the fashion show because she was always restless for the fate of black models. In the fashion industry, despite all the changes (which were not clear enough), many models still suffer from discrimination.

Naomi Campbell walked on the runway of countless huge labels and was a prominent face of high-end brands.

In the 32-year journey of modeling, Naomi has been recognized as a symbol of fashion. Having appeared on more than 300 magazine covers, her most important milestone was when she was honored to be the first black model to chosen by the powerful journalist Anna Wintour to appear on the cover of magazine’s special issue.

During her career, fashion fans only saw Naomi Campbell stumble once in the Vivienne Westwood show in Paris in 1993. Later, these legendary shoes were displayed in an art museum to express the honor for the supermodel. No one can deny what the supermodel has created during the fashion journey that lasts more than 30 years.

The legendary moment when "Black Panther" Naomi Campbell stumbled on Vivienne Westwood's catwalk.

On June 8th, Naomi will be honored with the Council of Fashion Designers of America's Fashion Icon Award in Brooklyn, New York. This is a noble award to honor her devotion for the fashion industry.

Winning this award means a lot to Naomi Campbell. This is evidence of her talent and enthusiasm for the fashion world.

Only time will tell whether Campbell will quit the catwalk or not. However, she will always hold the throne as one of the most powerful women of the world model world. Fashion lovers will always remember the image of a supermodel with strong, fearless steps as a black panther going hunting on the catwalk.

By: Olivia Mendoza

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