Moments when Meghan Markle breaks the British royal dress codes

Duchess Meghan has ignored many rules of British royal fashion. However, she has not received any serious reminder from the Queen.

Duchess Meghan is always different from other duchesses because of her background and style in fashion. The American actress, after becoming the Duchess of Sussex, has been the British royal dress codes several times.

In a recent appearance, Meghan Markle has chosen a denim dress. Denim is a material that the British Royal limits wearing in formal events.

1. She wears suit in a formal event

Normally, at formal events such as prom, the royal women often choose evening gowns. Meghan has gone against the tradition with a stylish suit design by Alexander McQueen. Combined with a plain white shirt and simple heels, she looks strikingly modern.

Alexander McQueen's suits showed the true personality of Meghan.

2. She chooses black

Black is the color specified by the Royal Crown for funeral events. So, when the Duchess of Sussex wears black, she is violating the royal rules. However, no criticism has come from the Royal Family, perhaps because of the bright presence form her personal style.

Meghan dressed in a little black dress with Gucci bag at a formal event.

She also dressed in a classic Dior dress in the Royal RAF event.

Another time, the Duchess of Sussex appeared with a black square neck dress and a pair of matching shoes.

3. She prefers sabrina neckline dress

With horizontal and wide shoulders, it is not difficult to understand why Meghan Markle loves off-shoulder designs. However, the royal rule does not encourage females to expose their shoulders and collarbones.

Sabrina neckline helped Meghan reduce the width of her shoulders.

During Prince Louis’ christening, Meghan Markle appeared gracefully in another sabrina neckline dress.

Sabrina neckline dresses are professional enough but still feminine in diplomatic events.

4. She does not stick with clutch bags

Clutch handbags are often the favorite of British Royal women because they can help them to avoid hand shake with others. Princess Diana even used her clutch bags as a “shield” to protect herself from paparazzi when she got off the car. However, Meghan Markle likes to choose handbags based on her costumes.

Before meeting Prince Harry, Meghan already liked the convenience of big bags.

She also likes to try the trendy bags…

…or the classic ones.

5. She wears sleeveless outfits

Members of the Royal Family often wear designs with sleeves in order to ensure elegance and sophistication in every situation. Still, the Duchess of Sussex has worn a lemon yellow sleeveless dress lately, and looked stunning.

Meghan in a sleeveless dress by Brandon Maxwell, Lady Gaga’s stylist.

6. She says no to stockings

There are many rules that Meghan did not follow before engaging to Prince Harry. However, when she did not wear stockings in their official engagement photo, the fans were surprised. The rule of wearing stockings has always been complied by the Queen and Royal Duchess when they appear in public.

Meghan did not wear stockings in her official engagement photo.

7. She likes messy bun

When most of the royal ladies appears with neat hair, Duchess Meghan loves natural hairstyle. On her wedding day, and most recently, at Wimbledon, Meghan Markle appeared freshly with low bun.

Meghan looked young and elegant with messy bun and striped shirt.




By: Quinn Abrams

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