Melanie Gaydos: Extraordinary model with genetic disorder breaking all fashion rules

Severe world of high fashion cannot stop this unusual model from believing in herself and shining in her own way.

Melanie Gaydos, a 28-year-old American model is a special name in fashion world due to her impressively unique appearance. She is diagnosed with a very rare genetic disorder whose scientific name is ectodermal dysplasia. This phenomenon is not an illness but a disorder of gene, and it results in a series of abnormal developments of hair, skin, teeth, cartilage, nails... People with this disorder biologically have large heads, small chins and atypical facial structures.


28-year-old fashion model Melanie Gaydos shocks people with her alien beauty

The model has atypical facial features; she does not have hair or teeth. Her eyes are also partially blind

Gaydos was born with an unusual biological condition, she looks different from other girls. She has extraordinary facial features; she does not have any hair or teeth, and her eyes are also partially blind. Because of her special appearance, she was isolated, bullied and terribly insulted during her childhood. The poor little girl was so pressured and offended that she meant to suicide several times.

Melanie Gaydos was isolated and hated owing to her uncommon looking

“I didn’t want to live my life the way other people thought I should!” Gaydos opened

Stepping on people’s hate, Melanie Gaydos made herself a strong and independent girl. She ignored any hateful words that other people threw to her, and she started her own life. Being intensely passionate about arts, she decided to move to New York so that she could attend art classes at Pratt Institute.

Living in one of the world’s largest fashion capitals, Melanie Gaydos harbored the dream of making high fashion photo shoots. One day, she was invited to participate in a photo session. While performing her moves and expressing her emotions in front of the cameras, Melanie Gaydos felt like she was born again. In that very moment, she was determined to become a model, a unique model who would shake world’s most luxurious fashion shows.

Melanie started her modeling career when she was studying at Pratt Institute, New York

He had not imagined that her life would change forever after one photo session

Since that very first shining moment, she has known she belongs to the world of fashion

Melanie Gaydos officially started to make her modeling dream come true by seeking for her chances on Craigslist where unique and unusual models are preferred. However, Gaydos did not want to stop there. She began competing in professional casting sessions in the hope of becoming a model for famous fashion trademarks. At first, it was incredibly challenging as all brands saw her as a risky choice.

Melanie did not give up, she thought “If you’re afraid of taking risks, why are you in fashion?” The young girl kept moving forwards and looked for other opportunities. Fortunately, her attempts were paid off when she was chosen to appear in MV Mein Herz Brennt by Rammstein band. People were amazed by a unique model who deeply and overwhelmingly expresses intense vitality and emotion. Her name became widely known in Europe and Mexico. Since then, Melanie Gaydos has been continuously invited to take part in fashion photo sessions and advertisements.

Melanie Gaydos proves her alien beauty in the most natural and emotional ways

Despite being a famous model, Melanie Gaydos is careful to accept the invitations from fashion brands because she does not want to overuse her distinctiveness. She said “I have been trying to make good choices so people understand that I’m a serious model, and not just a unique face!”

“I have to get people to understand where I’m coming from. I have to earn respect.”

Her path to conquer the world’s fashion capitals like Paris, London, New York or Milan is still extremely stormy, but Melanie Gaydos has been trying her best to prove her talent, strength and passion. She wishes to become a truly professional model walking in supreme fashion shows instead of being a strange face and then sinking into oblivion. 

By: Chris Stewart

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