Meet Mary Katrantzou, the X factor behind Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Besides fun colors and energies that we all saw in Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, how talented and artistic is Mary Katrantzou?

In 2018, Victoria's Secret collaborated with London designer Mary Katrantzou to design a section for Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. And of course, it went viral rapidly afterwards.

"Everything that Victoria's Secret creates is about a woman feeling confident and empowered - and also having fun with what she is wearing," Katrantzou shared her thought before the show. "This collaboration is going to be bold, fun and playful."


Katrantzou is well known in the fashion industry with visually impressive designs and a mind strongly influenced by architectural thinking. Born in Greece, Mary Katrantzou studied architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design, but then she moved to fashion with a bachelor's degree (2005) and later a master's degree (2008) in Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.


A master of trompe l'oeil

At her 2008 Graduation Ceremony, Mary Katrantzou's trompe l'oeil (optical illusion) printing with off-the-shoulder dresses impressed the fashion industry and was orders later by many big names such as Browns, Joyce, Colette. After graduation, Mary Katrantzou built her own brand.


Mary Katrantzou's aesthetic is feminine, creative, fresh and graceful. She explores flamboyant decor with a breakthrough. Mary Katrantzou gets inspiration from 17th century paintings, handmade glass and even bottles of perfume to position her senses: what is luxury, what is to wear.


Mary Katrantzou has received numerous awards throughout her design career. In 2010, she received the Swiss Texties Awards. The following year, she received British Fashion Award for Emerging Talent: womenswear. In 2012, she was awarded Young Designer of the Year at the Elle Style Awards. In 2015, she received BFC/Vogue Designer Fashion Fund and British Fashion Awards – New Establishment.


Teaming up with huge names

The name of Mary Katrantzou is associated with her collaborations. Before Victoria's Secret, she also shared some stunning fashion lines with Swarovski, Longchamp, Moncler, Topshop, Cowshed and adidas Originals.

One of Mary Katrantzou's most outstanding collaborations is with the Swarovski for crystal earrings and glittering palettes. Mary Katrantzou's beautiful aesthetic and experiential approach is very close to Swarovski.


In addition to partnering with huge brands, Mary Katrantzou also collaborates with Pablo Bronstein at ICA, designing costumes for the New York and Paris Ballets. Her works have been exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. In particular, from January to March 2018, Dallas Museum of Art even presented an exhibition called "Mary, Queen of Prints " - her first individual collection with over 180 designs.


Black in real life

The designs of Mary Katrantzou are often vibrant, colorful and full of fun energy. However, in everyday life, this lady chooses black outfits instead to balance her life and store energy for her designs and collections. In personal life, Mary Katrantzou also pursues minimalist style, favors neat space, white walls and wood floors.

Mary Katrantzou's choice of black as a way to diminish her choice, focusing creative resources on brilliant palettes in her studio demonstrates absolute concentration and seriousness in her work. According to the talented designer, she always wants to keep all elements of life simple.



By: Dinah Gutierrez

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