Louis Vuitton Fall - Winter 2018: a multi-dimensional exhibition

Louis Vuitton designs this season combine classic and futuristic inspiration, giving wearers fabulously fashionable looks.

Inspired by 19th-century mythology, with many statues and beautifully curved staircases, Louis Vuitton has turned the Louvre's Lefuel Hall into a unique space. This was perhaps the creative crystallization of art director Nicolas Ghesquière before the passion for futuristic fiction.

Designer Nicolas Ghesquière introduced the "Stranger Things" shirt in the last Spring 2018 collection.

And this year, his Fall – Winter collection also followed the same fictional impression but based on elegant, classic and modern, youthful background.

The futuristic decorative lines...

... that created the irresistible charm of Ghesquière.

Viewers could easily recognize the aesthetics of centuries ago through corset-style waist straps or epaulettes and Victorian peplum robes. There were also contemporary styles, such as tweed jackets, pencil skirts, argyle pattern, leather gloves and silk dresses.

The classic corset was modernized with sewing style.

Trendy outfits created from luxurious materials.

Peplum transformed with a variety of materials and metallic golden buttons.

The strange tweed dresses with fancy tassels.

The argyle pattern became more futuristic with sparkling sequins.

Next, let’s admire these sophisticated fashion items of modern fashion. From powerful style with leather jacket, sporty style with round neck, attractive style with slim-fit pants, luxurious style with fur coat... Louis Vuitton has offered an impressive show of the highest fashion.

Powerful slim-fit black pants.

Impressive motifs with jacket suit.

The nostalgic houndstooth was also used creatively in these handy designs.

And most of all is Ghesquière's core fashion inspiration for aesthetics, which comes before time. The typical identity will be the large outfits, from skirts to dresses, from dresses to shirts... all were designed in an impressive oversize style.

Comfortable large dress highlighted by a diagonal line.

Oversize dresses with girly silk layers.

Perfect for even elegant designs.

And it became an absolutely effective formula when it came to workplace dresses.

At this event, Ghesquière did not forget to introduce a variety of beautifully designed jackets for women. Choosing the safe with neutral colors such as navy, blue, white, gold, beige or black... but the talented designer was not afraid to risk with the combination of many materials to produce stunning outerwear products.

The classic yet iconic jacket that would never be outdated.

Luxury fur coat with many fashionable colors.

A little rebel with fresh turmeric color.

Unique combination coming from many materials.

Futuristic is also characterized by daring applications with metal and light-emitting materials, accompanied by luxurious evening dresses. Sometimes it was all about the details: bows, buttons and gold chain, sometimes it was about the tasteful designs with high quality material.

The luxurious suit skirt with striking gold metallic buttons contrasted with deep blue navy.

The chic glossy dresses were even more tempting and charming with deep V neck.



By: Dinah Gutierrez

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