Longchamp and Escada start new history at 2018 New York Fashion Week

As the first city to host a seasonal fashion week, New York has witnessed the departure of many designers, but new names have moved in too.


Famous for fine leather, especially handbags, Longchamp has recently announced that the brand will hold a live show under New York Fashion Week. Longchamp, the French fashion house with it-girl Kendall Jenner has claimed the desire to push ready-to-wear into a major part of its core business.

The collection by Longchamp and New York designer Shayne Olivier. (Photo: Longchamp)

Longchamp will launch new Spring/Summer 2019 collection on September 8, at 3 pm. The location of the show has not yet been determined. In parallel, the luxury brand is also preparing to host an event in the Palais Garnier in Paris on September 11. This will be an ambitious campaign to mark the 70th anniversary of the label, which has been launched since spring this year with the fashion collection created with designer Shayne Oliver.

Just two months ago, Longchamp began a strategy of "attacking" consumers in the United States by opening a huge store in New York on Fifth Avenue, next to St Patrick's Cathedral with the appearance of Kendal Jenner as ambassador.

Kendall Jenner appeared beautiful at the opening ceremony of the new Longchamp store in New York as a brand ambassador. (Image: Mark Sagliocco / WireImage)

From 2015, this fashion house has always introduced its fashion collections with in-house pro shoppers and a few journalists. But none of these introductions were listed on the official schedule of the Federation of Haute Couture and Fashion, the fashion regulator of France.

Longchamp costumes introduced at New York Fashion Week are designed by Sophie Delafontaine, creative director of the brand and also founder Jean Cassegrain’s granddaughter. Ever since, her creations have focused on leather products with a little inspiration for sportwear - a style that can easily satisfy many types of customers.

A design in the Fall/Winter 2018 collection by Longchamp.


Another European fashion house that crosses the Atlantic to perform at the New York Fashion Week is the original Munich brand, Escada. This is also the first time this brand has held such an event in the "Big Apple".

German ready-to-wear brand for women prepares to mark its 40th anniversary with a willingness to open up a new history with creative director Niall Sloan. The designer has taken over this important role since August 2017, before spending 10 years working at the top-notch British luxury fashion house Burberry.

Escada's new creative director, Niall Sloan. (Photo: FashionUnited)

The first collection Niall made for Escada was the Fall/Winter Collection 2018/2019, which was performed earlier this year with the inspiration from founder Margaretha Ley and a new wind thanks to the use of cheerful colors and prints. It seems that the spirit of this Spring/Summer 2019 of this creative director will continue to drift in the flow of innovation and rejuvenation.

Niall Sloan brings a fresh and youthful look to the 40-year-old fashion house. (Photo: Escada)

Escada's last major performance took place in Munich. However, the German fashion house also held a show in Korea with the goal of penetrating into the international market. Now, the brand has decided to take a step back, ignoring simple introductions, aiming to improve its reputation through "media-friendly" events. New York Fashion Week seems like a perfect choice.

A design from Escada 2019 Resort Collection. (Photo: Escada)


By: Quinn Abrams

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