London Fashion Week: Anya Hindmarch

A collection for Math lovers.

As a fashion designer, of course Anya Hindmarch never likes Math, but Anya Hindmarch's 2017 Spring-Summer Collection at London Fashion Week this time called "Circulus" has introduced unique designs inspired by spirals, circles and geometric.


Anya Hindmarch's impressive show at London Fashion Week


Anya Hindmarch's Spring-Summer collection opens with a flat circular stage. When the show starts, the stage's cap is pulled up like a giant flying saucer rotating above.

The main stage is designed with sound rings and a secret sliding door, which is disclosed in the second half of the show. It can be said to make such a bold and daring fashion show, Anya Hindmarch's team has spent months designing and staging.


Unique stage of Anya Hindmarch


Anya Hindmarch's 2017 Spring-Summer Collection presents surreal designs based on Mathematics and the future. The impressive coats with a unique structure and daring cutout shoulder are created from neoprene with bright colors matching the summer, such as coral, peach, green and purple. All make a great contrast with the white stage.


The opening design of Anya Hindmarch's 2017 Spring-Summer Collection



Geometric motifs are used as accents on the pocket, collar or sleeve for monochrome coat.



A cold-shouler coat for a warm spring



Anya Hindmarch's designs with the typical colors of summer


Besides, Anya Hindmarch also introduces prominent color block swimsuits accompanied by colorful handbags with eye-catching motif for the summer.

Funny images like fried eggs and smileys in Anya Hindmarch's 2016 Fall-Winter have continued to be used for the  2017 Spring-Summer Collection.


A swimwear of Anya Hindmarch



Fried eggs are used again for the 2017 Spring-Summer Collection 



And so are smileys

By: Iris Shailene

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