Legal dispute between Gucci and Guess has come to an end after 10 years

Italian luxury brand Gucci has recently ended the suit with US brand Guess after a long time fighting.

After nearly a decade of dispute in the International Court of Justice, representatives of Italian label Gucci and the US brand Guess have confirmed that both sides have reached an agreement on intellectual property law and other issues related to the global brands.

“The agreement is an important step for both companies in recognizing the significance of protecting their respective intellectual property portfolios and design creativity,” said the famous fashion brands in a joint statement.

However, the information behind the terms of the deal has not yet been disclosed. Anyway, this result is seen as a positive sign that both brands can recognize the importance of intellectual property and creativity in designs.

Gucci is one of the most famous fashion brands wordlwide. Photo: thefashionlaw.

The dispute has been resolved almost smoothly after Gucci accused Guess of trademark and logo infringement in the New York court. In the suit, Gucci supposed that the Guess label freely used the famous interlocking "G" to highlight the company's accessories. According to Gucci, this unauthorized use violated intellectual property laws, as this is a trademark of Gucci worldwide.

Based on information from the court that ended recently, Judge Scheindlin, who headed and monitored the suit, has made an unfavorable decision for Guess. Accordingly, Guess is permanently banned from using three of the four designs (which are identical to Gucci designs), and is forced to pay up to $ 221 million in unauthorized use.

Gucci logo (left and center) and Guess logo (right). Photo: thefashionlaw.

For the sake of fairness today, the Gucci leaders themselves have traveled throughout the courts from Italy, France, the US, Australia and even China to carry out legal proceedings. It was not until Gucci filed a lawsuit at the European Union Intellectual Property Office that the dispute was finally resolved.

Back in December 2016, when Gucci filed in the EU court, the court supposed that it would be difficult for a normal consumer to distinguish between the two brands' logos, that people only looked at the overall section. It was very hard to whether Guess's "G" was actually stolen from Gucci. Thus, the Italian fashion house was not be able to prove that their arguments were true.

At first glance, the "G" in the Guess logo (left) is very similar to the Gucci logo (right), making it easy for consumers to think that they are buying a product from the Italian fashion brand with cheap price instead of consuming the goods of an American brand. Photo: fashionfoiegras.

n May 2013, the Milan court even made a decision against Gucci, claiming that the logo owned by Guess did not have anything to do with Gucci. Gucci then appealed the judge's decision, but the judge said the Guess brand was ready to take certain measures to avoid duplication.

After a long journey of non-stop fighting, Gucci has gained their achievement: justice. However, the fight between brands is always hot topics in the fashion world and never intends to stop.

By: Olivia Mendoza

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