Large demonstrations at London Fashion Week

Outside fashion house Burberry's show at the London Fashion Week was crowds of up to hundreds of campaigners against the use of fur on the catwalk.

At Saturday evening’s Burberry show, crowds of demonstrators- whose chants could be heard from inside were held back by police. They continued at the Versus Versace show on Sunday.  

Surge are protesters against using fur on the catwalk of Burberry show at London Fashion Week.

Hundreds of protesters lined up around the red carpet, preventing guests from coming to the show. This chaos caused the police to interfere. Some people have been arrested. 

Supermodel Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, American Vogue editor Anna Wintour and some other guests were escorted in and out of the venue by officers. The demonstration delayed the program for 15 minutes. As the guests came by, many of them shouted, "Shame, London fashion week." 

Surge’s key demand was that the BFC ban the use of fur on the catwalks. “It seems strange that although the majority of British society is against the use of fur, it is still being given a platform at London fashion week,” said Ed Winters, co-director of Surge. “We wanted to make a bold statement at targeted shows where we knew the designers had used fur.” "I don't condone intimidating behavior but we are loud and passionate," Winters added when asked about the tactics which his group had used in the protests.   

Surge’s representatives said that the use of fur is a non-human act. They insist the designers should be free to create but only use natural and environment- friendly materials. 

Earlier, the PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals also repeatedly protested at the London Fashion Week. This has had a major impact on the UK's fashion industry, as evidenced by the fact that raising sheep for fur has been banned in the UK for nearly 20 years. 

The crowds of demonstrators caused chaos in front of the London fashion center. 

Ahead of London fashion week, editors and buyers had been advised by the British fashion council to avoid wearing “any kind of fur, real or fake”. However, they only forbid guests from wearing fur clothes rather than banning fashion houses from using the material. In a statement, the BFC asserted that “it does not dictate what designers can or cannot design and has no control over their creative process” but does “encourage designers to ensure that if they choose to work with fur, they work with reputable organizations that supply ethically sourced fur.” 

This rule was applied in the last 3 days of the week. The organizing committee coordinated with security forces and police to strictly control the entrance to the catwalk. 

In recent years, the protection of the environment and animals in the fashion industry has been highly appreciated by the society as the whole.

By: Christina Baker

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