Jessica Minh Anh's fashion show on Hoover dam

Fashion show producer and supermodel Jessica Minh Anh made her marks with 'J Summer Fashion Show 2017' on the Hoover Dam.

After the success of J Winter Fashion Show 2017 on the Seine River in late January, model and show producer Jessica Minh Anh has made her remarkable marks by returning to the United States with the J Summer Fashion Show 2017. Hoover dam was turned into a 100-meter catwalk on June 26.

This unique catwalk utilizes the cinematic footage of the world's largest artificial lake - Lake Mead, and the majestic Black Canyon which became a natural backdrop. The show introduces 8 Haute Couture collections, applications and fine jewelry from four continents.

1. Patricia Nascimento



At the beginning of the show, Jessica Minh Anh appeared in a gorgeous red dress and fancy crown-shaped hairstyle. After the appearance of Jessica Minh Anh, other models looked stunning in some attractive designs in white, pink, yellow and blue.

The collection named "Realize" is the brainchild of Brazilian fashion designer named Patricia Nascimento who brought ‘the luxury along with glamor’ to the Jessica Minh Anh's fashion show.

2. Syeda Amera


This is the fifth time attending Jessica Minh Anh’s fashion show, a Pakistani designer ‘celebrated’ the femininity and elegance with the colorful collection of paintings inspired by the beauty of nature. Loose maxi dresses and unique cut-out jumpsuits have become more eye-catching due to their distinctive prints.

3. Kine Dione


In contrast, a designer named Kine Dione chose two types of colous such as white and beige as the main focus for her creative embroidery collection.

4. Gulnur Gunes


The Turkish representative introduced a powerful collection inspired by the beauty and knowledge of Metis - the Greek Goddess of wisdom. With elaborate crystal details combining bold cut lines, Gulnur Gunes has created the strong and powerful image of women.

5. Christian Zerrá


Baroque embroidery on red, black, white and cotton fabrics is used by South American designers. The traditional element of Cusco's cultural heritage (Peru) is blended perfectly with ‘contemporary cuts’ and unique embroidered motifs.

6. Kaprice


The collection of fashion brand from Hong Kong is a harmonious combination between East and West. Accompanying styles of patterns and styles from all over the world, each clothing comes in fresh colors.

7. Emmanuel Haute Couture




With a view to enhancing the sophistication of the show, the famous Malaysian brand showcased the collection of gorgeous and romantic wedding dresses.

8. Ani Alvarez Calderon



As an expert in the processing of fabrics, three-dimensional motifs or cut lines, the Peruvian designer has brought traditional craftsmanship into modern fashion in the last collection of the show. The collection has been inspired by the famous architectural shapes of the pyramids and royal tombs.

J Summer Fashion Show 2017 is considered as the 17th ‘milestone’ of Jessica Minh Anh since the newly-graduated student created her first catwalk on the Tower of London in 2011. Many incredible fashion shows was held by Vietnamese model and show producer Jessica Minh Anh in some special places such as the Eiffel Tower, Grand Canyon skywalk, and the Seine (France).

By: Alan Smith

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