Japanese youth’s peculiar fashion styles

It seems like anime is not just a genre of Japanese cultural product, but it does have great impacts on how young people in this country determine their fashion styles.

Aside from famous global fashion capitals like New York, Milan, Paris or London, Tokyo is also widely known as a city of unique fashion. Many fashion followers here also express their endless creativity via their individual styles. Let’s have a look into how Japanese youth show their personalities.


This must have been the most impressive fashionisto in the street runway last week. He displayed the layering trend with a biker jacket, a black long sleeve tee shirt and skinny spray paint pants. However, the most noticeable feature on the set comes from the stylish bucket hat.


This girl also appeared with an oversized outfit. However, the smart way her clothes were mixed & matched with accessories did not make the entire set look sloppy. On the contrary, she knew how to demonstrate her personal identity via fashion.


Outstanding colors are the fashion followers’ top choice in Japan. Not only do they enjoy Harajuku style, but they also express their distinctiveness with their amazingly endless creativity.


Japanese fashion followers are much more fearless than whom in other fashion capitals because. They can mix any items they like and never concern about the material or the form of those items. This guy decided to be a badass when mixing two contrasting black and white outfits in a totally fabulous way.


Although colorful costumes are sometimes considered to be feminine, but to Japanese fashion followers, nothing is impossible. This guy mixed brilliant colors with his jogger pants, a camo jacket and a dazzling hoodie.


In Japan, fashion followers often do not care much about gender or age when selecting costumes. Sometimes the items which are originally designed for women get more interest from men. This boy chose for himself an unusual image with transparent loose pants, high boots and a lace glove.


The girl seems to be a fan of gray-brown items. Meanwhile, her companion was wearing a simple black-and-white outfit, a denim jacket decorated with modish chains.


This must have been the most fashionable at Tokyo Fashion Week this year with supportive black sets.


If Korea youth promote their youthful spirit, breaking any basic rules of fashion, young people in the Land of the Rising Sun shows great interest in Gothic and Harajuku style when mixing items. This trendy guy is a prime example as he combined unique accessories with a rebellious dark eye makeup.


Oversized fashion trends are always favored by Japanese youth whenever they attend fashion weeks in Tokyo.

By: Chris Stewart

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