Interesting facts about Nike you may not know

Nike, which was established in 1964, is one of the world's leading brands of sport trainers.


In 1964, Bill Bowerman together with his student Phil Knight founded Blue Ribbon Sport (BRS), functioning as a distributor of the Japanese shoe brand Onitsuka. In 1971, when Onitsuka and Bill had some problems about the contract’s terms, he highly determined to launch a new brand called Nike, with the shoes designed and produced by himself.


Phil Knight came up with an idea of ​​setting up a shoe business when he was still studying at school. He strongly believed that sport shoes made in Japan could compete with the Adidas as well as Puma. That is why Phil Knight decided to associate with Onitsuka Tiger.


Working as the first employee of the company, but Jeff Johnson is also known as the founder of Nike. 


Early Air Force 1 design appeared for the first time in 1982, but due to the low quality, the design was discontinued in the same year after being tested. 


Nike's "Just Do It" campaign debuted in 1988 and it has become the most famous slogan of the company up to now. 


Nike Waffle Trainer was the first Nike’s design to be launched in 1974. Although it was not really a type of modern cleat, it still impressed people with superior grip challenging any kinds of topography. 


As soon as he saw the Air Jordan 1 design, Michael Jordan did not want to try it even once. Explaining this, the ‘king of basketball’ said: "I can’t wear that shoe. Those are the devil colors." Jordan said that the shoe reminded him of the costumes worn by his opponents in the university. 


In 1966, Bill Bowerman wondered himself whether a rubber sole would upgrade the quality of the sneaker or not. Therefore, he experimented with his wife's waffles. In the end, Bill succeeded, and later, the shoe with that unique sole soon became legendary. 


As it was reported by Clean Air Planet, Nike is one of the three most environmentally friendly corporations in the world. The US brand determines to recycle old shoes and rubber waste to make new products but still assures that the manufacture does not harm the environment. 


Todays, Nike's offices can be found in 46 countries and 700 outlets all over the world. In addition, the factories of this company are also located in exceptionally high density in Asia. Nike is still growing steadily on global scale, making it a giant in the field of sport attires.

By: Chris Stewart

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