How Rihanna became a fashion star of the Met Gala Red Carpet

At this event, as usual, the singer has made a great impression with fabulous appearance on the Red Carpet.

The Met Gala 2018 Red has ended, but its mark still lingers in the minds of fashionistas worldwide. This year, Rihanna is once again one of the most prominent names at the list of best dressed celebs on the Red Carpet.

With the theme of Heavenly Bodies - Fashion and Catholic Imagination, Rihanna has sought creative director John Galliano, fashion company Maison Margiela and stylist Mel Ottenberg to prepare for the 2018 Met Gala Red Carpet.

At the same event in recent years, the singer has always created great impression with fabulous appearances, asserting her position in the fashion world.

Met Gala 2012 – Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations

2012 is the first year Rihanna appeared on Met Gala's Red Carpet. She chose a long black leather dress, with impressive motifs on the surface describing crocodile skin sophisticatedly and uniquely. This dress of course took a lot of effort to create.

Designer Tom Ford also revealed to Rihanna's stylist that she was the woman he wanted to see in this very design.


Met Gala 2014 – Charles James: Beyond Fashion

In contrast to the black dress in 2012, Rihanna appeared on the red carpet 2014 with a pure white set of Stella McCartney. The design is a two-piece combination of a long-sleeved off-the-shoulder underboob crop top and a long skirt designed luxuriously.

Her stylist, Mel Ottenberg, shared that he wanted Rihanna's look to be simple yet elegant, as the imagine of Rita Hayworth. The costly accessories she wore were from Cartier.


Met Gala 2015 – China: Through the Looking Glass

Rihanna, after knowing the theme of Met Gala 2015, immediately contacted Mel and asked him to help her wear a design of Guo Pei. Surprisingly, Rihanna has actively sought this name with Google. At that time, Guo Pei was an unfamiliar name for the western fashion industry. Mel even had to contact Guo Pei’s husband to ask for his help. The couple had arrived in New York, carrying the super heavy and huge dress just to hand it to the singer's crew, just a week before the Met Gala. Designer Guo Pei herself shared that this was a memorable milestone in her career, which also made the Chinese fashion industry very proud.

Rihanna's outfit was completed with hair accessory by Guo Pei, Cartier jewelries and Christian Louboutin shoes.


Met Gala 2017 – Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons: Art of the In-Between

Rihanna is a star with determination and aesthetics against the crowd. The stranger, the weirder, the better. This time, Mel Ottenberg had taken the opportunity to find the best dress for Rihanna five months before the red carpet.

The design was a part of Comme des Garçons’ Spring Collection. It was really stand out on the red carpet thanks to the combination with Dsquared 2’s sandals and jewelries from the Chopard.


Met Gala 2018 – Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination

The theme had made Rihanna's team think about designing a costume for the female singer. The idea came up in the ancient city of Rome with many of artistic heritages of Catholicism everywhere. Designer John Galliano was credited thanks to original designs inspired by Catholicism that he had previously designed as Dior's creative director.

With Maison Margiela’s team of skilled artisans, Rihanna’s outfit is indeed a highlight of the Met Gala Red Carpet this year.

The costume was designed by John Galliano but Stephen Jones was the artisan who created the hat inspired by the pope's. The handbag belongs to Judith Leiber, which is designed to match her costumes. The shoes come from Christian Louboutin – Pigalle line, jewelries again from Cartier. The singer did not disappoint the organizers and fans as the guest of honor for this year's event, with such glamorous appearance.


By: Emma Chavez

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