How fashionistas conquer plastic fashion trend

The explosion of vinyl fashion has created a storm of aesthetic thinking for fashion brands in the Fall - Winter 2018 season.

Emerging as a fashion phenomenon in the 1960s when the "Space Ace" became an endless source of inspiration for designers, the trend of plastic fashion is still proving its special charm in this Fall season. With PVC and vinyl as main materials - the gloss, innovation and futuristic beauty are the factors that escort plastic fashion trend to the throne again.

Vinyl fashion began to become popular in the 1960s - when the concept of "Space Age" was born after Yuri Gagarin became the first person in the world to set foot in space.

With the same starting point of synthetic material used in the production of raincoats or umbrellas, the fashion world has witnessed a spectacular transformation of plastic material, which has been continuously listing itself in emerging fashion trends through many seasons.

From Fall - Winter 2017 to Spring - Summer 2019, fashionistas have always seen the plastic fashion trend - sometimes glossy and hard, sometime transparent and colorful - spreading over dozens of collections from huge fashion houses.

Plastic fashion trend on the catwalk of Balmain's Fall - Winter 2018.

Plastic varied in Spring - Summer 2019 fashion shows of Marc Jacobs and Masion Margiela.

From couture to ready-to-wear, the blending beauty of modern and classic in plastic designs is enough to keep faithful followers. Not only favored by many world-famous celebs, plastic fashion trend is also spreading in the street style of countless fashionistas.

"Gossip Girl" star Blake Lively looking stunning in a plastic trench coat designed by Michael Kors.

Wearing the gorgeous vinyl trench coat from Nicolas Jebran, Lady Gaga completed her overall outfit with metallic bra and black boots.

Gigi Hadid in ton-sur-ton outfits. The highlight of this black set lies in the glossy wide pants made of vinyl and fierce red glasses.

Another combination of black and red by Hailey Baldwin.

Alexa Chung looked vibrant in a trench coat, T-shirt and jeans.

Transparent trench coat is also a fashion trend promoted enthusiastically by fashion followers.

Waterproof and stylish, plastic designs seem to be born for Fall – Winter. In order to conquer this unique fashion style, you can flexibly customize your costumes with daily casual style or even fancy evening dresses for the up-coming holiday season.

However, there is a little note if you want to dress up with plastic material: make sure to harmonize the palette of outfits and accessories, or else it will be too much.

An outstanding plastic jacket that brightens up the winter.

Trench coat is an indispensable item in winter closets. To conquer vinyl trench coat, you can combine with it with jeans or skirts.

The combination of hugging sweater and vinyl pants will be a great choice for every fashionista.

If you prefer girly style, charming vinyl dresses are born for you.

From pleated skirt, mini skirt to pencil skirt… plastic designs can give you plenty of options for this winter.

Last but not least, not miss any chance to shine with plastic accessories in the Fall - Winter 2018 season.




By: Quinn Abrams

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