High heels - the strong declaration of women

Indeed, a pair of shoes is only a pair of shoes, but if it provides escapism for the wearers, giving them a little bit happy, then it is not only shoes anymore.

"Husbands come and go, but Chanel shoes are forever" - This statement of Karen in the TV series Will & Grace hit the US have summarized perfectly the importance of the shoes. For women, shoes are a manifesto should be frau polished personality.



High heels - the feminine symbol

Heels officially become fashion icons around the end of the 15th century, Catherine de Medici by queen of France, to fill up her modest height. Through ups and downs, there were times be rejected by the movement for women's rights in the 1970s, but the appeal of high heels are back in the 80s with the explanation that they give women feel feeling confident and powerful.



Boots, high heels and sublimation

High heels have many types, notably those ankle boots with fastener. When combined with high stiletto soles, they're sexy: just personality, just soft flexible. These boots can follow any school that still fashionable.

No "cult" with boots, low, but horizontal or knee boots are also popular with the special color olive green, coral red, gold ... There are two classic types of shoes: heels spearhead (Stiletto) and low-heeled shoes round nose (Mary Jane) is quite satisfying.



Beauty, even when you have to pay

Whether through many transformations, an age-old question for stilettos remains: beauty or comfort? Paradoxically, but completely understandable, answer largely reserved for women high heels is "beauty", which is strong evidence for the instinctive beauty in every woman, whether they have to pay old.



By: Emma Ryan

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