Hidden meaning of the dresses Kate Middleton wears after giving birth

The image of Princess Diana is recreated in a clever and subtle way through the dress selection of the Duchess of Cambridge.

Kate Middleton has just given birth to a healthy baby boy at 11 am on the morning of April 23rd (local time) at St Mary's Hospital in London. This is the third child of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Their 2 first children are Prince George (5 years old) and Princess Charlotte (3 years old). The whole Britain is still very excited about this event because April 23 is also St. George's Day.

People happily welcome the birth of the new prince. (Photo: popsugar)

Kate Middleton appeared only a few hours after giving birth, wearing a bright red dress, standing cheerfully with her husband, Prince William and their newborn baby boy. In two previous times she gave births, the Duchess also appeared in gentle pastel-colored dresses. The cause of this change is not accidental. This is the royal family's memorial to Princess Diana.

The little prince is the third child of the Duke of Cambride, the sixth grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II, and the fifth to inherit the throne of the British Royal. (Photo: OK!)

When Princess Diana first appeared in 1984 after giving birth to Prince Harry, Princess Diana chose a bright red dress, a white Peter Pan collar and red “ton-sur-ton” shoes. They both chose a white scarf for their new prince.

The similarity of colors and designs between the two costumes has made the people of England touched. (Photo: Time)

The Duchess of Cambridge  chose to wear a red dress with pearl earrings and Gianvito Rossi’s court shoes. The shoes cost $ 675. (Photo: Time)

The red dress designed by Jan van Velden that appeared 34 years ago with Princess Diana. (Photo: Getty Images)

This is not the first time the Duke of Cambrides and his wife chose this method to commemorate their late mother. When Kate Middleton gave birth to her first son, Prince George, she also chose a polka dot dress, which was similar to Diana's costume when Prince William was born. After giving birth to Princess Charlotte, Kate Middleton wore a bright yellow floral dress. All these three dresses were designed by British designer Jenny Peckham.

Despite different colors, both dresses have the same pattern, which is enough to convey the meaningful idea of the Royal family. (Photo: Daily Mail)

Prince William and wife happily welcomed Princess Charlotte. (Photo: The Sun)

It can be said that the image of Princess Diana after giving birth to two princes were recreated in a genius and subtle way. Although it’s just a small detail, but its meaning is more than enough to connecting members of the royal family as well as touch the heart of British residents.

By: Emma Chavez

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