Gray ombre - new hair trend of Fall - Winter

First granny fashion, and now gray ombre hair - granny hair is truly the hottest hair trend this season.

The dyed ombre hair with lively colors is no stranger to the believers of beauty. But have you ever thought that ombre hair with smoke gray will become a hot trend of Fall - Summer?


It might sound and look strange. Who would want to turn themself into an old woman anyway? But yet the world's fashionistas still can not resist this bran new hair trend. Just sign in your Instagram account and search for hashtag #grayombre or #grannyhair, you'll see a lot of smoke gray hair appear impressively.

Even huge stars like Rihanna or Rita Ora also pursue this ombre hair trend. The silver-gray ombre hair has demonstrated its absolute attraction by showing up continuously in big fashion shows.


To create gray ombre hair, dyers usually will dye your hair dark gray on the top, fading toward the tail. There are so many versions of the hottest hair trend this Fall - Winter. It can be pure gray hair, or mixed with other colors like purple or blue to create a balance and focal points for the hair.

However, there are several things for you girls to note before dyeing your hair ombre gray. To pursue the trend, your hair will have to go through a very complex process of hair bleach. Will you be willing to trade your healthy hair for a new hair color that you don't know whether it would suit you or not?



And also, gray ombre hair goes with tan skin better than white skin. In addition, smoke-gray ombre hair color will make your face look a bit pale and lifeless, so remember to lightly makeup or at least apply a little lipstick for a sharper look.

To keep your ombre hair color as prominent as new, do not forget to use a shampoo and conditioner with no sulfate. Gray can also fade easilier than other colors, so if you want to always have perfect gray ombre hair, don't forget to visit the hairdresser regularly later.



If you are a stylish girl who always wants to renew herself, this hair trend is sure worth a try. You can dye all your hair, highlights, or dye hair tail only. And if you still have no idea how to F5 yourself, let's refer stunning​ gray ombre hairstyles from the girls around the world.












By: Quinn Amber

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