Fashion items which are actually harmful to the body

Jeans, high heels, earrings are trendy fashion items but they are considered to be harmful to your health.

Many people have the habit of choosing the right clothes for the job, the situation without worrying about the impact of clothing on health.


Here are some fashion items that are harmful to your health you use every day:

Tight jeans


Jeans are fashionable clothing with longevity through many centuries of the popular fashionistas. It can be seen that the jeans close to the body to help the women show off the attractive curve thoroughly.

However, the frequent wearing of bundle jeans will lead to meralgia parental (MP) disorder, a type of disorder that occurs when one of the nerves enters the outer surface of the thigh causing the thigh to stretch. At the same time, regular wear will squeeze the thighs, ass and legs, causing blood not to flow and injury to swelling or numbness.


If you regularly use pants or shaping items such as a corset or belly button, it will greatly affect the internal organs, even leading to stomach pain and acid reflux. 

If you have to wear pants, try to limit yourself to not wearing them for too long.



Leggings are pants that hold the body, but the more the bundles, the more rubbing, plus sweat and oil stagnation, making your skin susceptible to fungal attack.

Regularly wearing legging pants to the gym will increase the risk of fungal infections and other skin diseases than other outfits.

Costumes like rompers or jumpsuit


The costumes like rompers or jumpsuit have become one of the hit fashion items for a long time, especially on hot summer days. However, the disadvantage in these attires is the inconvenience of going to the toilet, so when wearing this dress many people often limit water intake, don’t want to go to the toilet, leading to bladder water retention and causing serious health effects.

Colorful underwear

The full underwear of colors used for underwear is usually dyed through color. Therefore, when used in sensitive areas, they can cause irritation, hypersensitivity. You should only use white cotton pants.

High heels


High heels have long been a health hazard for women. If you regularly wear high heels that last for many months, you will have problems with your joints and ankles. At the same time, when you wear high heels, all the weight of your body will accrue to the heel of the shoes, causing serious damage to your body, especially the bones and gait.

Too heavy and large jewelery


Earrings and necklaces are the jewelery that many sisters prefer. But wearing large and heavy earrings will greatly affect the earlobes, causing them to prolong, sometimes requiring aesthetic surgery to return to intact.

For neckwear too heavy for a long time will cause neck pain and the pain may spread from neck to shoulder, causing you usually feel tired.

Too big bag


For women, every step of the way there are dozens of things to carry, making the bag heavier. But you know that carrying a too big bag is unhealthy because this action inadvertently increases the weight on your shoulders, causing muscle pain and damaging your joints.

As women, of course, everyone wants to be beautiful in everyone's eyes but the beauty must go with your health so you are really young, dynamic and perfect. Therefore, for fashion items that are harmful to your health, you must take great care when using them.

By: Roxana Edwards

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