Fashion bags most purchased by stars

Bags of Chanel, Louis Vuitton… have won special trust from fashionistas by its aesthetic and convenience.



On the Spring Summer 2017 catwalk, the new bag of Chanel made many people curious because it is named after the legendary designer, Gabrielle Chanel. The design is considered daring and elegant with the sophisticatedly made bottom line, so the body of the bag is very light and tough. The customizable golden leather chain strap allows users to wear the bag in a variety of ways: a shoulder bag, a crossbody bag or a combination of both. Featuring Coco Chanel's design style, not only is Gabrielle's bag hunted by Naomi Watts, but it is also popular with many fashionistas.


Jessica Alba pursues Ricky Drawstring bag of Ralph Lauren. With a well-designed rectangular prism shape, this item is suitable for dynamic people.


Chloe Nile is one of the hottest bags in Spring Summer Collection with metal round. This makes us different, like a jewelry adorning the girl's outfits. This bag is an inseparable thing of our model Frederikke Sofie.


Cahier is a beloved bag of many stars including Kate Bosworth. Prada’s bags are popular by its vintage look and skillful gold-plated details at the edge of the bag and locks.


Sienna Miller has an elegant style. Louis Vuitton's Capucine Bag also has these features, so she really loves it. The bag has surprisingly attracted fashionistas thanks to its simplicity, the letters V and L nested on the edge of the bag, making aesthetic impression.


The girls loving Burberry will hardly miss the DK88. This mini-bag-trend bag is like a jewelry which charmingly adorns the owner. Gigi Hadid has dozens of bags in her closet, one of which is DK88.


Rihanna falls in love with Armani's oversized bag. Simple rectangle prism design makes it easy to mix with many types of clothing.


The singer is mesmerized by Dior's Oblique bag. Those who love the patterns or simply want to show off the brand, this Oblique is quite suitable, because the bag’s surface is full of words “DIOR”.


One of the oversized bags that top fashionistas love is Balenciaga's Air Hobo bag. With a unique structure, the bag suits the girls who love strong personality and fashion.


Celine always appreciates elegance, aristocracy and simplicity. These features continue to be shown with a thin Clasp bags. That the standing rectangle shape is never outdated is one of the reasons for fashionistas to choose this bag.


By: Christina Rose

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