Famous bridal designer Amsale Aberra passed away at 64

The Ethiopian-born American wedding gown maker Amsale Aberra, who conquered Kate Hudson, Hilaria Baldwin, Julia Roberts… has died at the age of 64.

Designer Amsale Aberra launched her own bridal gown company with her husband, "Amsale Aberra, Inc." (now known as "The Amsale Group"), in 1985 and opened her first store at Madison Avenue in 1997. Amsale Aberra was confirmed to have died of uterine cancer.

Amsale Aberra (Photo: Amsale)

Amsale Aberra attended college in Vermont but later graduated from Fashion Institute of Technology – the prestigious fashion design college in New York. At one time, she went to find a wedding gown for herself, but the too simple yet unreasonable wedding dresses urged Amsale to design her own wedding dress. It was also the time when Aberra brought Amsale to market, and later it became one of the famous wedding dress brands.

Kleinfeld was the first wholesaler of Amsale Aberra in 1991 and later expanded its range to evening gowns, cocktail dresses and bridesmaids.

Amsale Fall Collection 2018 (Photo: Brides)

Aberra's husband, Clarence O'Neill Brown, chief executive officer of Amsale, confessed: “Amsale was not only an inspiration to the company, but someone who inspired and impacted everyone around her with her strength, kindness, and humility.”

“Working side by side we spent 360 degrees of our life together,”  O'Neill Brown continued, “and I know only too well both her creative genius and her infinite goodness. Words cannot express the personal loss that we feel, but we are comforted by the avalanche of support we’ve received and the commitment of our team to carry on Amsale’s legacy.”

Amsale Fall Collection 2018 (Photo: Brides)

Mark Ingram, the owner of bridal gown brand Mark Ingram Atelier, said that Aberk was the inventor of modern wedding gowns. Amsale had used traditional collar styles and simple sleeves with transparent fabric before these trends came out in the late 1980s. Ingram had been with Amsale Aberra for four years and he had observed that she always started her designs with the simplest shape of skirts.

Amsale's wedding dresses were always limited to one or two types of fabric, and may be a little more decorations or details. According to Ingram, that was the minimalism, even though it was something that never existed in the wedding industry in the 1990s. Amsale was the only one who made these classic, clean outfits.

Amsale Fall Collection 2018 (Photo: Amsale)

Amsale Aberra, with her vision of the future, chose her successor, Margo Lafontaine, who had worked at Vera Wang for nearly 12 years. Lafontaine will be in charge of the idea and development of designs alongside design studio director Sarah Swann.

The 2019 Spring Collection will continue as planned on Friday, April 12th, as this is the plan Aberra had set up before passing away.

By: Olivia Mendoza

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