Coach releases new collection with the help of Disney

Disney transformed dark details for children around the world. This time, Coach shook hands with Disney to bring the magic films back to their original form.

Last Monday, May 14th, Coach has launched a collection of collaboration with Disney, which is called "A Dark Fairy Tale". This is the third time the US high-end fashion brand shakes hands with the world's second-largest filmmaker. Two years ago, Coach collaborated with Disney on a small collection of Mickey and Minnie themes. Those lovely mice did help the label to sell out in a very short time.

The collection inspired by the legendary mice of Disney has brought a lot of success for Coach. (Photo: trendtip)

Identifying yourself as a huge Disney fan, Stuart Vevers, the creative director of Coach, easily finds the similarities of the topic sought for the new collection in his favorite movies.

"It was a kind of dark take on a romantic feel," said Vevers. "There’s always something quite freaky in the references of the collection, and as a big Disney fan, I started to see some parallels with some of the themes in my favorite movies."

"It was really in the context of our pre-fall collection, " the British designer continued. "We were looking at an American gothic fairytale. A lot of our references have that feeling – it was a dark take on a romantic feel. We started to look at the scary moments Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Sleeping Beauty, and it felt very natural with the collection. Then we kind of turned it into its own capsule. "

The poisoned apple in "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" by Disney. (Photo: vcn506)

Coach's creative team has transformed the inspiration from Disney into the main image in "A Dark Fairy Tale". (Photo: Coach)

The result is a limited edition collection of gorgeous toxic apple prints, dreadful eye bags, and lines of text for two of Disney's most popular films, written in gothic style. Vevers and his crew had to watch over the scenes to filter out the most characteristic images.

New Coach bags with graphic motifs and the words "Snow White" in very streetwear style. Dreadful eyes are also used a lot in the collection by Coach and Disney this time. (Photo: Coach)

At first Stuart Vevers was a bit nervous that Disney would not agree to "darken" these films. But the studio actually liked it and supported this fresh and new idea. They also know that Coach will develop it seriously and with respect to each film. Each single product of the collection only carries the image from a single movie only without mixing the stories together.

The collection is geared towards Coach girls, who are "always a sense of ease, there’s something grounded and real" about them. So most of the products are sporty, street-styled, and casual. Stuart Vevers emphasizes the exploration and understanding of young cultures during his creation at Coach. The youth in "A Dark Fairy Tale" indeed is very important to him, so the designer really focused on the graphics used to the products as well as the images chosen to be printed.

According to Stuart Vevers , a Coach girl is considered by to be very liberal, but still a little practical. (Photo: Coach)

The collection consists of a variety of sweatshirts, T-shirts as well as backpacks. (Photo: Coach)

However, Coach still wants to ensure that their customers feel the premium quality when they own the products in this young, mischievous collection.

"We spent a lot of time on our printing techniques and adding little touches of glitter paint. It’s probably not typical to print so much on leather, but we wanted to find ways that make our iconic Coach glove tanned leather still feel very rich – there’s a lot of burnishing techniques and embossing and debossing so it still really feels like a proper leather bag."

Coach still pays special attention to the leather bags’ processing techniques to ensure the high quality as well as the image of the company. (Photo: Coach)

Although Stuart Vevers is happy to work with his favorite inspiration, and he also wants to continue his good relationship with Disney, he has not been able to anticipate the opportunity to shake hands with the studio for the fourthtime. But there’s one thing Vevers can reveal, in September, Coach will release a set of products designed with a former Disney star - Selena Gomez.

Before this, Selena has repeatedly combined with Coach to design bags, but this is the first time the singer tries to design clothes. (Photo: Coach)

By: Emma Chavez

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