Christian Dior’s largest exhibition ever to take place in London

Christian Dior will come to London with more than 500 rare specimens gathered during 70 years to display his massive fashion legacy and love for England.

In February 1947, French designer Christian Dior launched his first high-end fashion collection, "New Look" with designs that depict the hourglass designs to glorify feminine and attractive appearance after World War II. After all, the brand and all designs of Christian Dior have earned a place in the heart of fashionistas as well as left a source of massive inspiration and creation for the fashion world.

In order to showcase the incredible heritage of the designer and his famous brand, the Victoria and Albert Museum of London will bring together the iconic designs of Dior and organize an exhibition entitled "Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams".

Christian Dior’s largest exhibition ever is about to take place in London. (Photo: Laziz Hamani)

The exhibition will be officially opened to the public in February 2019 and will help viewers explore the 70-year history of the world's leading luxury fashion brand. In addition to classic works, the exhibition will also look back on the talented art directors who have brought much success to the brand since its inception.

The Pérou design in Fall/Winter Collection 1954. (Photo: Laziz Hamani)

Soirée de Décembre from the Fall/Winter Haut Couture Collection 1954. (Photo: Laziz Hamani)

Christian Dior's Trianon dress. (Photo: Courtesy)

Based on an exhibition organized by the Musée des Arts Decoratifs in Paris and managed by Olivier Gabet and Florence Mϋller in 2017, the exhibition "Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams" (French name: "Christian Dior: Couturier du rêve ") offers the opportunity to explore Dior's love with British culture and characteristic. Viewers will be eyeing the collection with over 500 items from the designer's archives, including a dress worn by Princess Margaret on her 21st birthday.

Christian Dior and Princess Margaret (left). (Photo: Popperphoto / Getty Images)

"In 1947, Christian Dior changed the face of fashion with his 'New Look,' which redefined the female silhouette and reinvigorated the post-war Parisian fashion industry," said Oriole Cullen, who works at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

A sketch of Christian Dior for model Londre in the Fall Haut Couture Collection 1950. (Photo: Christian Dior)

​​​​​​​Diorling perfume, 1963. (Photo by Laziz Hamani)

"The influence of Christian Dior’s design was all-pervasive and helped to define an era," Oriole Cullen continued. "In their own individual ways, each of the House’s successive artistic directors have referenced and reinterpreted Dior’s own designs and continued the legacy of the founder, ensuring that the House of Christian Dior is at the forefront of fashion today. More than 70 years after its founding, the V&A’s exhibition will celebrate the enduring influence of the House of Dior and uncover Dior’s relationship with Britain."

By: Olivia Mendoza

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