Building sustainable fashion is simpler than you think

These are the simple things that we can do to contribute to building a new fashion industry in line with the trend of sustainable fashion in the new era.

Sustainable fashion is considered a trend of the new age, especially in the context of serious environmental pollution as today. However, there is no specific answer for fashion fans to build a sustainable style properly.

At the Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2018, Linda Greer, a scientist at the Natural Resources Defense Council, shares her views on those who care about sustainable fashion. You will be surprised because the things you need to do and can do are actually simpler than what you think.

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You do not need to know everything

When it comes to sustainable fashion, many wonder about identifying what information they need and what they should and should not buy. In fact, there is no specific answer to these questions.

"We don't want you to need encyclopedic knowledge in your head," says the scientist. "We don't want people to have to shop their way through this problem. What we want is the industry transformed."

So, you do not have to worry about the information about sustainable fashion, it is important to take positive actions to build a sustainable fashion industry for the community.

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Leverage the power of community

Consumers need to be aware of the realities of pollution caused by the fashion industry and raise their voice so that brands really pay attention to the issue. According to Greer, they "absolutely have the power to change the industry."

Sadly, "people don't think about that," says Greer. "They think, I drive a car, and fly in an airplane, and I heat my house, but there is embedded carbon in fashion. And if you buy a lot of fashion, your carbon footprint is abroad. "

According to a report by the Pulse of Fashion Industry last year, the fashion industry dumped 1.715 million tons of CO2 in 2015. This industry is also the second cause of water pollution after industrial waste in China.

Fashion really affects the environment and consumers need to be aware of and spread this to the community to support sustainable fashion. What you can do is use the power of social networking sites with high popularity and connectivity to let the brands know that you care about this issue. Every fashion house cannot ignore a common concern.

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Use your budget effectively

Instead of using your budget to buy an expensive organic cotton T-shirt made in the US, consider donating to one of the non-profit organizations that is actively engaged in sustainable fashion.

Many professionals are working hard to transform the current fashion industry into a place where people can shop "sustainably." Greenpeace has successfully persuaded the brands to remove the toxic chemicals in their production process. Canopy is rescuing endangered tropical species from being used and processed into viscose fibers. While the Natural Resources Defense Council is also trying to clean up the supply chain of fashion brands.

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Do not bother with the boycott

Many have vowed not to continue buying and using products from brands related to environmental problems. In fact, that does not really help fix the situation.

"Those who buy don't care, and those who care don't buy." And according to Greer, this is actually not good. "We need those who buy making the impact. If you're not buying, then you're not a lever for change."

Brands will not listen to one person with the statement, "I've never shopped here and will never do that." It will be more effective when you contact the company and leave a message: "I will continue to buy products from your company if you are moving to fix this problem."

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Ask about what you care

Today's fashion brands are striving to build and disseminate their brand image to the community. The questions asked by customers will be what designers are listening to and absorbing to develop their products. So the questions you have about sustainable fashion can all help manufacturers pay more attention to this issue.

Let the brands know your thoughts. Do not be afraid to post your questions via email or social networking sites about what they are doing to improve the sustainability and current status of their products' suppliers. Asking questions will show that you are paying attention to the actions of the brand and make them consider changing the direction to sustainable fashion more seriously.

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By: Olivia Mendoza

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