Bucket bag – From zero to hero

What makes bucket bag so special to become such hot trend this season?

If there is a bag suitable for a variety of occasions, bucket bag is an outstanding candidate. This special bag has been a popular accessory for a while, but this Fall – Winter season is the time when bucket bag shines most brightly.

The history of bucket bag

Although it is one of the leading trendy bags recently, not many people know bucket bag has a long and quite interesting history. The first to create this unique bag bucket was Gaston-Louis Vuitton – the very grandson of the reputable Louis Vuitton's founder. Initially, it was not created as an accessory for women. The main function of the bag at the time was to carry 5 bottles of champagne, protecting them from getting broken.

Bucket bag was originally created to carry champagne bottles.

That was the reason why this "bucket" became famous only in the 1940s, when it was redesigned by Koret. The bag was transformed into a giant drawstring bag with shoulder strap. Beginning to draw attention during World War II, the bag was not made from soft leather that was used to make books' cover instead of highly qualified leather. Thanks to its convenience and plenty of space, ladies could comfortably drop all necessary belongings in this bag and get on the road.

Since the 1940s, photos of bucket bag have appeared more and more on many magazines.

After being redesigned, bucket bag became more convenient.

New variations of bucket bag in modern fashion

Since then, this type of bag has come back countless times as a hot trend. As a result, fashion houses also race to create their own versions of bucket bags.

A bucket bag from its own homeland - Louis Vuitton.

Bag bucket appearing on the runway of Fendi.

Valentino also follows this trend.

Moschino is not out of the race either.

Bearing the shape of a "bucket", but bucket bag still has the needed luxury and sophistication thanks to the creativity of talented designers. It's compact and can contain many items thanks to special shape. You can carry bucket bag everywhere. For example, in crowded places, a large tote bag will become so bulky and you can hardly move. Especially in the fall, when you want to show off multi-layered style with many layers of clothing, a small bucket bag is an indispensable accessory.

Thanks to chic look and amazing advantages, bucket bag has been chosen by many ladies as their favorite accessory, including fashionistas and celebs.

Rosie Huntington combines Fall - Winter outfit with Mansur Gavriel bucket bag.

A strange belt-bucket bag.

This bag is a popular item when it comes to street fashion.

A bag inspired by plant pot from Staud.

British model, designer Alexa Chung is also a follower of this stylish bag.

Alexa Chung and another buckle bag from Staud.

Jennie from the famous K-Pop girl group BLACKPINK and a Perrin Paris buckle bag with fresh, youthful colors.

Rosé - another member of BLACKPINK also has a bucket bag from Fendi.



By: Dinah Gutierrez

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