Black wedding dress is surprisingly getting huge

Contrary to tradition, many brides want black wedding dress in their wedding ceremony to show unique stylish attitude.

White is always the traditional choice of brides in the big day. According to the tradition opinion, this color represents the purity and full happiness. But now, many brides want to preserve the most beautiful moments of their life with a wedding dress design that looks tempting and more mysterious: black wedding dress.

A black wedding dress with suitable design can help the bride standout on the big day.

Black, instead, often means unlucky in Western conception and it rarely appears in wedding ceremonies. But this is a color that shows sophistication as well as attraction and luxury. In addition, this color can also create a slim effect, helping to shape the girls who own a little big body. Therefore, for the bride who wish to express their daring and confident personality, a black wedding dress will easily capture all the look at their wedding ceremony.

An impressive design with lace above and multi-layered chiffon below.

Complicated hoop skirts

Unlike the elegant pure white wedding dresses, the black skirt designs are attractive and appealing. Many styles of long dress with flying shape and soft material will increase the mysterious look of the bride.


However, it is important to note that the length and color of the dress will attract great interest, so the hairstyle, makeup and accessories should be simple to create a more harmonious look.


Lace wedding dresses

Lace wedding gown carries a striking beauty as a refreshingly fashionable design with sheer parts that show off charming curves. The brides will have the opportunity to dress up with bold dresses highlighted by magical flower petals that increase visual effects.


Unique lace design with deep V-neck will bring a classic, charming beauty for any woman on the big day. The luxury lace hugging body curves will be very suitable for women with figure.


Short dresses

The advantage of short wedding dress is that it helps the bride to move in comfortably, especially during outdoor shootings. To be more standout, the lower part should be spreading widely to balance the body and cover the defects if the bride has wide hips or big thighs.


The most used materials are often elegant fabrics like chiffon, tulle or lace. The delicate cut lines make the dress more attractive and enhance its unique look. However, short black wedding dresses are usually not well-liked because of untraditional non-standard lengths combined with the black color that is more suitable for a gala rather than major events such as wedding day. If you like a short dress, to duplicate the luxury look, choose subtle accessories such as a long veil or twinkle jewelries.




By: Mithrine Smith

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