Autumn/Winter 2017 fashion trends for guys to be more stylish

Autumn/Winter 2017 fashion shows have introduced impressive designs which are predicted to be universally loved by male fashion followers.


Dynamic and outgoing boys will love to follow rebellious and contrasting styles. Inspired by the mix of different cultures, the designs emphasize modern and independent spirit. Streaked stripes as well as striking gingham are becoming trendy and should be included in the shopping lists of stylish guys. 


Long layered coats and lightweight waistcoats are always ideal choices when it gets colder in fall and winter. 


Guys who love elegant style always want to be models of modern gentlemen’s beauty. If you are one of them, you should never ignore light-colored attires with balanced shape, such as loose pants oversized blazers. 


A vertical striped sweater or a pajama shirt can perfectly blurs the boundary between street style and formal dress code. 


Male fashion followers who are fond of classic and elegant style will certainly have a great passion for fashion trends of former decades. A dominant feature of this set is the combination of modern sporty spirit and nostalgic feelings.  


The design of this zippered t-shirt, the sport t-shirt in the style 1990s and the large scarf remind us of the retro trend which is dynamically modern but still elegant. Using color block style as the main feature, the cross woven items and contrastive printed texts help make the whole set much more vibrant and luminous. 


Clothes designed in simple style mixed with contrastive color blocks create a classic, but not boring feeling. Topman's autumn/ winter collection is worth considering to note down on the shopping list. 


Sporty style has never stopped being trendy since the beginning of 2017, and this style is estimated to keep it attractiveness till the winter of this year. Openness, vigorousness and liberty are what people usually think of when it comes to this dynamic fashion trend. 


Designs that combine modern tailoring techniques with oversized jackets and knitwear bring back the senses of fashion in the 1990s. Outerwear and puffer are renovated in oversized style, using shiny fabric. 


Ripped denim is mixed with comfortable outfits, creating a combination between street style and smart casual outfits. This guy looks totally unique in this unusual mix-and-match method. 

Nowadays, men are paying more attention to their styles, as they know the importance of an attractive look. True fashion has never been frivolous but it was born to meet people’s actual needs. Guys, you can choose to be whether trendy or fashionable in your own way, it depends on you. Just one thing, care about and love how you look!

By: Chris Stewart

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