7 fashion mistakes killing your attractiveness

Choosing the wrong fashion styles or accessories makes your look become less luxurious and less attractive.

Fashion style is something undoubtedly essential if you wish to keep and show your personality. Of course, no one can force you to wear this and that except when you are in certain environments that require strict dress codes. That is to say, in normal cases, just feel free to choose anything you like to put on to show other people who you are and who you want to be.

However, the freedom in fashion sometimes results in some mistakes that can make you look much less attractive. Let’s find out what they are! 


1. Overly sparkling outfits:

Usually, embellished designs are only suitable for parties. But if you wear such items everyday as your casual style or sportswear, the sparkles on the outfits will make you look totally cheesy. 


2. Unmatching patterns:

Spots and stripes should never be matched with each other because they make one of the worst combinations. Floral, geometric and other eye-catching patterns always stand out from the whole set. You are advised to choose patterns with harmonious colors. 


3. Strange colors:

Light neon tones are great for discothèque or Halloween parties, but mixing them all in the same set is truly a disaster. If you are a fan of striking colors, you should refine those colors by mixing them with other elegant ones. 


4. Loads of jewelry:

Wearing too much jewelry can lower your appearance instead of making you look expensive. Simple is best, just a pair of pretty earrings accompanied by a stylish watch which is suitable for any occasions is much better than a flamboyant necklace. 


5. Uncomfortable shoes:

Heels make you look more powerful but still feminine, but bringing high heels all the time is not a good idea. Sometimes, you can choose your favorite sneakers to comfortably wandering on the street. Heels bring you expensive looks but you do need to have your feet relaxed. 


6. Unfitted clothes:

The shape and size of your body will change, but at the present time, you still need to choose the right clothes that fit your body. Do not try to put on an oversized bodycon or oversized suit, they may look stylish but are you sure they work well on you? 


7. Visible underwear:

You might feel famous people really attractive when showing their underwear. However, this style should only be displayed on the red carpet. Celebrities’ ways of living and fashion styles do not always suit the normal life. Underwear should be hidden under layers of elegant clothes, otherwise you will look rather offensive.

By: Chris Stewart

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